Bigger Xbox harddisk drive?
I need to know if there is a limit to the size of the hard drive you can put in the xbox.
I'm guessing but I think it depends on whether ur soft or hard modded and what kind of modchip you have.
-But i think its around a terabyte.
Last I heard was 1Tb. But it has to be split into 2 eaqual partitions and has to be done in (I think) 32 Mb clusters. Check over with the guys at Xbox-Scene Forums......Bomb Bloke should know EVERYTHING you need to know.
ah okay, thanks for the info...
I came across it reading about the softmod and thought i'd give this all a go. I then realised that the hard drive inside an xbox is very small... I read up about it and read something about it being only capable of 135gb or so.

I guess what they meant is that only that partition can have 135gb... so the rest must be put on another partition i assume.

BTW, I'll be trying the softmodding with the game exploit.
the partitions size was once limited to around 256Gb. Look into XBpartitioner to make larger partitions.
Limit is 2tb, split across two 1tb partitions, each using 64kb clusters. The latest version of XBPartitioner (1.1) is the only program that can format these two partitions correctly.

You also need an up to date mod. If using a save game exploit, use Krazie's NDure.

Note that you won't be able to get "really large" drives in IDE/PATA. It's hard to find anything over 750gb that isn't SATA. However, X-Boxes often have issues with SATA adapters - they throw "dead HDD" errors, load stuff really slowly, corrupt data, or... work perfectly. It's all the luck of the draw really.
Geeessss its mad eh! I bet Uncle Bill never envisaged and first gen xbox with a 2TB drive in it! Laugh

I gave up putting drives in my xboxes after 750Gb.... they all have 250Gb ones in now really for the noise reduction over a wiring & clunkin 5400rpm drive and I only store games and emulators on them now. Still do them for family and friends that have no home networks thou.... Nod
Bomb Bloke Wrote:Limit is 2tb, split across two 1tb partitions, each using 64kb clusters. The latest version of XBPartitioner (1.1) is the only program that can format these two partitions correctly..

You all do realize that one's MaxFilesize with FatX filesystem is 4GB.No
Puts a a lot of restrains in my opinion. NAS is the best solutions.
If you look Bomb Bloke up on Xbox scene I would imagine that he is more than aware of how FATX works Wink
I swear by anything that dude says, Geeba. Bomb Bloke is tha man when it comes to Xbox Modding "know how".

But IMHO realjobe gives the better storage solution for Mass Media (Vids, Songs, pics,etc).........NAS is the best thing I ever did. And I have a 300 Gig drive in my xbox.

All Huge internals are good for is running Games (Both xbox and Emulators), and homebrew, like Linux and other Dashboards or ports of old PC classics (if you're nastalgic, like that).....and to do those things without failure, due to corruption, you do it right.

Just like Bomb Bloke tells you to.

Nice seeing you over here, dude.
See a list of HDDs people have installed succesfully in their Xboxes:
this whole xbox modding is a lot to take in for a beginner... so many guides and walkthroughs etc...

if only it were more simple Big Grin

I guess it's one of those things where it becomes simpler after actually doing it. I hope so :/

thanks for that list, I will probably use it when I have successfully softmodded the xbox. I think I'll take this process slowly!
I'm still looking around for an old xbox action replay set, but the cheapest i can find is roughly £20. none of my friends have one either. *keeps looking around*

anyway thanks for all the help so far guys.
Yes, it is one of those things that become simpler if you do it! Good luck!

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