XBMC is running but I can't see anything....
I'll start by mentioning I am not an Ubuntu guru by any stretch, so if this is an obvious error apologies.

Basically as I have only just built this machine and am still in the process of working out all the kinks, I still have Ubuntu launching normally and have simply added XBMC to the start up applications list. Ubuntu starts fine, and the desktop shows up perfectly. Then XBMC launches as it should.

The problem is I now get no logo, no interface. HOWEVER I can hear it...as I click up and down on the remote I can hear the interface changing menus etc. I managed to quit out to the desktop through trial and error (took a while lol).

The system had been built up on Sunday morning just gone, I installed XBMC and updated the media library. I disabled the screen saver in Ubuntu. I was having another problem before I lost the video - namely video playback would stop at random intervals and completely lock the system up.

The only way I could fix it was to reboot the whole machine. Is this possibly related?

For some background information I was using an ASUS M3N-78 HDMI motherboard with on board GeForce 8200 video and that was working fine. However I managed to kill the PCI slots and thus had to purchase a new motherboard. The one I am now running is an ASUS M4N78-VM. This board uses an integrated Radeon 3200 chip. In both instances I was using the latest Linux video drivers.

If anyone could possibly shed some light on this issue it would be greatly appreciated.


- Matt.

EDIT: Why do I always think of things AFTER I post?

Could it be possibly be a resolution issue? I do have it set to fullscreen, and I have not thought to set it to window mode (though that would be hard as I can;t see the menus...) It is currently running through an LCD TV with that 1366x766 resolution (or whatever it is). I might have to plug it into a PC monitor tonight and see what happens.
To set it to window mode, you can press the backslash key '\'.

If going to windows mode does not help, You may also try to reset all of XBMC's settings to their defaults. Don't now exactly how this is done, I assume its discussed somewhere on the wiki.

You could also just clean op you hidden xbmc folder to force xbmc to its default. On ubuntu the hidden folder is found in: /home/[your username]/.XBMC (don't forget the dot)
Hey thanks for the reply...I managed to figure the problem out earlier on - I some how screwed the graphics drivers while I was disabling the screen saver. A simple re-install fixed it.
your welcome
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XBMC is running but I can't see anything....00