XBMC for Linux running on Xen Virtual Machine?
I am using Debian 5.5 Lenny to create virtual machines with Xen 3.2.
On one of the Virtual Machines, I have installed XBMC from the sources and no error occurs during the configuration/compilation/installation.
When I am trying to start it by the command line, I get this output:
Cannot get root display. Is X11 running and is your DISPLAY variable set?
CRITSEC [8x8bffa04]: Trying to enter destroyed section
CRITSEC [8x8bffa04]: Trying to leave destroyed section
The DISPLAY variable is set to :0.0, so I guess the problem comes from the fact that X11 is not running directly in the Virtual Machine (ps -ejH does not return anything linked to X11). I get the grphic interface through VNC.
Can anyone tell me if my configuration let a possibility to XBMC to run, and how to make it run in this case, or should I give up with the idea of running XBMC in a Virtual Machine?
Thanks a lot for your help!

I have seen someone with the same issue, it has been solved by running xbmc without being root, but this does not work for me. Being super user or user does not change anything :-S
and the command X -version returns
X.Org X Server 1.4.2
X protocol version 11, Revision0
Gamester17 Wrote:XBMC will not run smoothly under VMware as XBMC's GUI engine requires hardware accelerated 3D graphics (OpenGL 3D to be precise) to be rendered the GUI smoothly at an acceptable framework. Without real hardware accelerated 3D graphics you will get less than 5 frames per second rendered by XBMC's GUI, even on a very fast computer.

You might be able to get it running smoothly under VirtualBox, as VirtualBox is currently the only virtualization software which offers hardware accelerated 3D graphics, that is as long your underlying hardware supports it and you install the proper graphics drivers in XBMC Live:

VirtualBox 2.2.0 is first virtualization software to support OpenGL 3D acceleration for Linux:

See their UserManual.pdf section 4.8 (page 70) on hardware 3D acceleration (OpenGL):

[EDIT]: I guess simplest would be if the next version of XBMC Live shipped with this graphics driver for VirtualBox!

Suggest you submit a feature request ticket on trac for it http://trac.xbmc.org Wink
Same goes for all other virtualization software including Xen.

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Even with the graphics driver I couldn't get XBMC Live working on Virtualbox... bought another acer revo instead so I won't be investigating further.
If you have 2 graphic cards, you can use xen pci passthrough to have direct access to one of them from inside a VM
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