Win HOW-TO setup iMon specific remotes and software with example Moncaso Remote
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If anyone is using a Moncaso case, it came with a FULLY compatible Vista x64 remote. Im using Windows 7


The Moncaso remotes have software with them but it doesn't work right out of the box. First you have to download this .IMO file.

Open your iMon software, right click, and go to iMon Manager. Go to "IMON Utilities". Add Program and search for your location of XBMC.

(for people that want XBMC to launch in fullscreen when you press the "Media" button on the remote, you will have to create a short cut with the right parameters. "C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\XBMC.exe" -fs -p

Click the bubble next to the copy of XBMC you just imported.

Now go to Settings > Program Command. Add program and link to the same file as before. "C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\XBMC.exe" -fs -p

Now click "Import" and browse to that file you downloaded. (you will want to put this file in "C:\Program Files (x86)\SOUNDGRAPH\iMON\Preset PAD)

If it doesn't work....

You have to manually go 1 by 1 and "Modify" all of the keys. For "1" you hit "Modify" "Reset" "1". Then hit next and set it to the appropriate key on the remote. MAKE SURE TO KEEP XBMC SHORTCUTS THE SAME!

Works! Only took me all day to figure that one out. haha

You can also add functions. EVERY button on my remote is functional. Here is my keyboard keymap

You have to edit the keymap if you want to add functions. Make sure that you do not use a keyboard shortcut that is already used for something else in XBMC.

<m> might already be used as "Stop" so you cannot use it to "Mute" too. Once you edit the keymap you can then program the remote to a keyboard shortcut.

For example, this section of code is used to bring up the various menus when I press the corresponding button on my remote.

My Movies takes me to My Movie Library (<y>xbmc.activatewindow(videolibrary,movietitles)</y>)
My Music takes me to my Album Library(<a>xbmc.activatewindow(videolibrary,tvshowtitles)</a>)
My DVD plays the DVD in the drive. For this I had to disable all video autoplays or else it would just start automatically everytime.

This is really the perfect remote for XBMC. I use the MediaStream skin
see OP.
Just to be clear, are you trying to use the remote in Windows?
yes windows 7
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Then you're going to want to read this:

Remotes don't work out of the box in Windows. You have to use a secondary program to apply the remote button presses to XBMC. I personally recommend using eventghost, but to each his own.
see OP.
see OP.
mccorkled Wrote:also... When I get it to work, do I have to always have event viewer running when I use the remote?

Yes, it has to always be running.
There has to be a way to get my remote to work with the program that came with the remote.
If the program will let you map remote buttons to keyboard actions, then just do that for equivalent XBMC keyboard commands. Otherwise you need something like Event Ghost.
see OP
see OP.
If you want to change the first post in this thread to that mini-tutorial and maybe flesh it out a little, I can add it to the list of tutorials for iMon users.
Alright there is a nice tut on the first page now.

Does anyone have a list of shortcuts for XBMC? Is there a shortcut to eject the OCD? in XBMC?

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HOW-TO setup iMon specific remotes and software with example Moncaso Remote1
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