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Anyone use TVersity with XBMC ?
Hello friends,

Anyone use TVersity with XBMC?

Details and downloads can be found here

How and why would you do that? XBMC plays pretty much everything. Unless you mean running it on the same computer that runs XBMC. But that wouldn't really be with XBMC, rather simultaneously.
perhaps he has a tversity server outside the range of his local network and the connection isn't fast enough to stream highdef so he has tversity re-encode on the fly.

I use it like that to stream to my mobile phone over the internets..

anyways I believe there is a tool/plugin/script that allows streaming of upnp?
As far as I know XBMC has a built-in UPnP client.
Maybe he means to stream HD Content to an XBox running XBMC, I believe that it can transcode to a quality playable by lesser powerful platforms.

I am not sure what codecs are supported though.
Homepage for XBMC Media Companion, and XBMC-DB - seperate nfo files
Forums for XBMC Media Companion
i use it to transcode to xbox (with xbmc) and xbox 360, for the most part it works pretty decent.

It does not like any errors in the input file, so not everything works, but most things do.
I used it for my 360 worked alot better than the standard 360 setup...then I found out about XBMC, I just needed a pretty, more intuitive interface. Then bought an xbox, then 4-5 months later stepped up to a HTPC

Anyone use TVersity with XBMC ?00