"Place Shifting" add player + transcode streaming to web server interface & JSON API?
XBMC allows any client to download / stream the content it has. So afaik this should already be possible granted that the client can decode the content.

It has been suggested though to add transcoding to our webserver which would mean we could make the content fit the client, this might happen for eden as I know atleast android client might need this.
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"Well Im gonna download the code and look at it a bit but I'm certainly not a really good C/C++ programer but I'd help as much as I can, I mostly write in C#."
are you aware of any client software currently available that can read from XBMC over the internet to play music?
firefox, safari, chrome, internet explorer, vlc, quicktime, plex, boxee, windows media center, winamp etc

just browse to http://IP:PORT/vfs/path/to/file

For example: http://user:[email protected]:8080/vfs/ho...tcop/1.mp3

This is how the web interface gets its thumbnails but as topfs said, it allows access to all filetypes. (which is not very good security wise so be careful)
Not sure where I should post this so I thought I would start here...if it needs to be moved let me know I will happily start this elsewhere.

I have heard that streaming from XBMC to remote devices is in the works and I have search and read about few options but honestly it seems as though they have all been "one off" or workarounds. Is there something official in the pipeline to have XBMC stream to lets just say cell phones, Tablets, etc?
It's already there - XBMC will act as a UPNP server - just turn it on in the settings. I can attach my Droid X to my installation through the DLNA client (crappy though it is). You'll have to muck around with file formats, though, if you want actual streaming.
Hello all.

I'm right now running Plex, mainly due to their universal iOS app that allows me to do 2 things.
1) Control and navigate the interface
2) Stream my library to my Phone or iPad.

In a cursory search I've found plenty of remotes for XBMC... but I've yet to find anything that streams as well. Does such an app exist?

Since Plex is built off of XBMC, I highly doubt it's not possible. Laugh

The plex developers have completely rebuild their library, so I think it's not that easy...
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Streaming media requires capability to transcode video on the fly (you don't want to stream your 8Gig 1080p movie to the iPhone), which XBMC hasn't.
There are some great addon web interface for specific tasks out there such as AWX & XWMM, but even since the Dharma release the default web interface is still very lacking. I would be great to have something like Subsonic integrated into XBMC's web interface to run off the http server that already in XBMC.

For those not familiar. Subsonic is an open-source web interface that allows you to stream you music over HTTP. I would love to have this to be able to listen to my music collection at work. Streaming video over HTTP is a different story since that involves transcoding and lots of other things to to take into account. However, streaming music over HTTP shouldn't be that hard to implement in the default XBMC web interface. I've thought about trying to implementing this myself, but JSON and JQuery are over my head still.

Does anybody else find the default web interface lacking?


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"Place Shifting" add player + transcode streaming to web server interface & JSON API?0
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