Remote Control Issues
First off, great skin - still looks beautiful on my aging 4:3 CRT TV Big Grin

When I play a song it bumps back to the home menu. When I try to go back to the player I have to hit 'up', which deselects the home menu item, and hit 'rewind', which brings up the player and vis fullscreen - which is normal.

The trouble starts when I stop playback (using the stop button on the player) and go back to the home screen. From the home screen, I am unable to hit 'enter/okay' on any items, except for the shutdown menu. I am still able to scroll side to side, but nothing selects. However, if I switch to mouse mode on my remote, everything works as normal if I were to click on an item.

Anyone else have this issue?

(PS, I am using an MCE Remote and EventGhost, if it helps)
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