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SpaceStation Alpha - New Skin
this skin has been a lot of hard work and i hope some of you will like it.....

my previous skin kiddy mayhem did not get good reviews but it has over 2000 users acording to the download counters....
i am hoping this new one will get even more users.....
the only thing i think is a bit wrong is the osd wich is project mayhems osd only darker..

it doesn't look good like that. you should make a new own osd wich matches the rest of the skin.

other then that it's nice to see someone making new skins  Nod
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a new control is being designed but will not be ready for the first release, it should be ready for the second revision. if anyone have an idea / desing / colors /layout for the media player controls that they would like to sare let me know is i like it i just might incorporate it in the skin...
this is one of the designs i am playing arround with

for the osd
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always nice to see new skinners and more skins, keep up the good work! ps! remember to upload to and
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if everything goes acording to plan i will release the first beta
early next week....
currently wrapping up 16:9 adjustments...

the final osd panel can be seen at the link above in my previous post.....
spacestation alpha beta1 is released and can be downloaded at the usual skin placeses

mentioned in the above post by gamester17

SpaceStation Alpha - New Skin00