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wyoak Offline
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This is probably a stupid question, but I couldn't find it in the forums or in the XML files (I bet it's in there, just don't know where to look)....Is there a way to have minimeedia startup on a screen other than TV shows? I'd like to have it start on weather if possible.

Great skin too, my favorite.
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jabba_29 Offline
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Any joy?

I have the same problem Sad
Even tried updating the skin through the SVN
(think I was up to date anyway)

I am on Atv...
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Waffa Offline
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Home.xml (720p folder)
See line 500

PHP Code:
<item id="9">
description>My Movies Button</description>

This is the second button and if you have set library MiniMeedia will start with this button.

If you like an other start up window, make the window you like second in row Wink
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