just 2 things...
i sooo love this skin.. it is great!!

there were a few things that i didn't like, but i've been hacking away and changed it to my desires.. basicely the seasons page for tv shows and since i am using the stable version for Mac the images for the media flags would come from the filename.

i got them all to work except for the audio channels (and ratio but never mind that).. i have guessed they would be named 2.png, 5_1.png and 7_1.png Huh but they don't show up so i must be off somewhere..

the other thing is.. haven't looked at it yet but my topbar is (and always has) been completely black, as opposed to being colored from all the screenshots i've seen.. and hiding the toolbar it still is visible underneath the topbar which looks really weird.. i think i have to copy an image somewhere??
well.. i am going to answer my own question here

the special:// tag doesn't work.. so after editing that in a few xml files, it now all works

damn this skin is good Smile)))
Names are:

0.png = 0.0
1.png = 1.0
2.png = 2.0
5.png = 5.0
6.png = 5.1
8.png = 7.1

aac.png, ac3.png, dolbydigital.png, dts.png, flac.png, mp3.png, wmapro.png
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thank you ever so much scarfa!! Nod
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