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Disk Number
I am trying to figure out what to put for the Disk Number media tag.
I want it to show up when there is a multiple disk album, but not show up when its just one disk. So it'll show: Album Name [Disk 2/2] with multiple disks and just Album Name with just single disk.
I have my files tagged with Album Name and disk numbers labeled.
Show up where exactly?

XBMC will already combine multi-disk albums into one entry anyway. Thus, the only time you see one disk at a time is if you are playing a song and it shows the album name. In this case you don't know how many disks there are in the set - you know only which disk the current song is on.

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Disc Number of current song stored in ID tag info, also available are "MusicPlayer.offset(number).DiscNumber" offset is relative to the current playing item and "MusicPlayer.Position(number).DiscNumber" position is relative to the start of the playlist
I am using Disk.Number but it only says '1' or '2', I don't get the "CD" part. That is what I'm looking for.
<label>$LOCALIZE[blah] $INFO[blah]</label>
<label>CD $INFO[blah]</label>

Sorry to post in an old thread but I am looking to do the same

If I have an album that has two CD's then I populate the disc number field with 1/2, 2/2 etc, and albums with only one CD 1/1

When playing an album from my library, the main screen will show me the artist, album and disc number, I am trying to configure XBMC not to show the disc number if there is only one CD

Thank you
in your case <visible>!Stringcompare(ListItem.DiscNumber,1/1)</visible>
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(2013-04-02, 17:25)phil65 Wrote: in your case <visible>!Stringcompare(ListItem.DiscNumber,1/1)</visible>
Thank you, I'll give that a try
Only just got round to trying this, what file do I need to edit?
Thank you

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