buffering issues

I am using the XBMC 9.11: Beta2 on Windows 7. My network is N. My PC is connected wireless at about 150Mbps.

The source is a nas device that http/smb connection option and is connected to the N router over GB ethernet.

Most of my movies are 720p/1080p and are in mkv format..

XMBC is constantly buffering and the experience is painful !! It buffers 10mp pictures, 1080p m2ts and all of the mkvs..

I did not have this issue when I was running PS3MediaCenter on my PS3 over G network..

The PC is new/powerful with enough memory.

Where is the buffer settings ? There is nothing in 'system/video'..

Will running the xbmc server help ? What can I do to get rid of this issue ?

xbmc is great.. the screen scrapping is awesome from imbd.com - but the buffering suck !!!

any help is appreciated.

If it's buffering then your network is too slow. The advertised throughput != actual throughput.

As a test, try copying something with XBMC's filemanager from a remote share to the local disk.
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where can I find the xbmc file manager
ok.. the xbmc file manager says i am getting 7000 Kb/s
what is acceptable ? 20mb / 50mb ?

the Windows adapter says 130Mb/s
If you are going to be streaming HD material, I'd say save yourself the headaches and go hardwired. Too many variables with getting wireless to work consistently.

so after experimenting a little - VLC work fines using the smb share - but XBMC buffers a lot. is there a mplayer setting I need to change... Is there a cache setting I need to change

I use VLC full screen mode and it work ok.
file manager says 7500 kbs when I copy a file over the smb share
The file manager report is a good indication of your actual throughput. 7.5 mbps. Playing Blu-Ray rips is going to require 20-40 mbps.

Plug in a hardwired connection and see if the problem disappears. If so... the network is the issue. (though I don't think there is any question that it is the problem given the file transfer speeds you posted)

Maybe VLC has an advanced way of dealing with the buffering, but it's surprising it works so well given that your connection is only about 1/3 to 1/5 of what you'd need to stream full HD content.

is there any buffer settings I can change in xbmc ?

Answer, unless you are using the xbox, no.
is there any buffer setting in xbmc for movies etc ?
Still no. And now I'm waiting for you to reveal yourself as some kind of spam bot.
natethomas Wrote:Still no. And now I'm waiting for you to reveal yourself as some kind of spam bot.

I don't think he's a bot. Questions are mighty relevant and intelligent sounding to be a bot...unless it's damned well programmed. My guess would be that English is not his first language is all. Wink
Almost every video I try to run stops and does the buffering. Using various scripts or plugins I get the same results. Movies are un watchable. This has just started in the past few weeks. I have tried 9.04 and 9.11 with the same results. I'm using windows 7. I have been using xbmc for a few months without any problems. I tried wireless and wired. There are no new phones in my house. There is only one computer on my network

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
What is XBMC is running on? And please post a debug log.
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