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2 Problems i suspect related in Media Stream
Hi there, i have searched far and wide through this forum on both of these problems i am having and i am now starting to suspect that the one is dependent on the other working.

I am running XBMC Live 3.04.1 (Babylon) with the MediaStream Skin that came with it (whatever Version that is) INstalled to the hard disk (this is a dedicated box in my living room)

I'm sorry for the long post, just trying to explain myself as best i can.

First, in the main menu of Media Stream, by default, we have "Watch TV Shows" "Watch movies" and "Watch Videos" among other things but these are the specific ones i am having trouble with.

All my tv shows and movies end up under "Watch Videos"

I would like them separate. I spent 3 hours last ngiht and 2 hours this morning trying to find a place in the settings where i can sort this out. Am i missing something simple?

Second, my scrapers don't seem to do a darn thing. I have read the wiki on it and several Regexp threads and have done word for word what most of them have suggested (the ones that seemed relevant got full attention)

This is my directory tree and file naming system

Media\TV Shows\Show Name\Season #\Show Name ###-episode title.avi

so an example would be:

Media\TV Shows\Criminal Minds\Season 1\Criminal Minds 101-Extreme Aggressor.avi

Here is my advancedsettings.xml

    <regexp>\[[Ss]([0-9]+)\]_\[[Ee]([0-9]+)([^\\/]*)</regexp>  <!-- foo_[s01]_[e01] -->
    <regexp>[\._ \-]([0-9]+)x([0-9]+)([^\\/]*)</regexp>  <!-- foo.1x09 -->
    <regexp>[\._ \-][Ss]([0-9]+)[\.\-]?[Ee]([0-9]+)([^\\/]*)</regexp>  <!-- foo, s01e01, foo.s01.e01, foo.s01$
    <regexp>[\._ \-]([0-9]+)([0-9][0-9])([\._ \-][^\\/]*)</regexp>  <!-- foo.103 -->

I would also like to comment that i did NOT have a UserData folder in my home directory, is this the problem? i just created it instead hoping it would work but no dice.

I Suspect that the reason my scrapers are not working is because my tv shows are not "technically" in the library as Tv Shows? does that make sense? Any help would be greatly appreciated even if it is better direction for my searches.
Okay, heres another piece of info

I went back down and kept playing with it and found this:

If i click info on one of the show titles it comes up asking where to search for content. The scrapers available are for music videos. So does this confirm my original suspicion? it seems my XBMC thinks all my tv shows and movies are Music Videos?

Please help! I can watch my stuff but i wanna get the "full xbmc experience"! Thanks
Fixed it thanks

2 Problems i suspect related in Media Stream00