Cannot play AVI files
I'm having an issue. I installed XBMC onto my ubuntu version 9.10 (karmic). The system works fine except for playing AVI files. It doesn't even seem to recognize them when opening a directory that containes an AVI file.

Is this a common issue that has a resolution or does the system just not play AVI files. Sad

Looking forward to responses as this is my first post!

Thanks forum!
avi's play fine - definately not a common issue.

details of what and how are are trying to play them and full details including debug log needed.
I understand about the whole proper way to submit an issue regarding XBMC. I only have one problem. I cannot get a debugging report because I am not getting any errors. I simply navigate to my directory on the local machine containing both the XBMC installation and the AVI files and when I do....they are unavailable. They do not even display.

Could it be the install?
Great Question. I am having the same problem with a variety of video codecs. One thing that I saw to test was to see if the same file will play on your computer usinig VLC or FFMPeg. if it play fine there then it should play through XMBC. this is a good place to start

I'm running XMBC on a ATV with the latest build. I do not get any error messages but the only thing that shows up in my video folder under xbmc are .m4v files ( transcoded for Apple TV) no other files in the subdirectory even show up ( .avi, .flv. .mp4 etc etc) . I hope that someone can answer your question
Thanks everyone for your two cents. i decided since it was so easy to install that i would do a full reinstall of XBMC and so I did. Now everything seems to be working just fine. somethine must have gone wrong on the 1st install.

for anyone who reads this post. I am on Karmic 9.10 Ubuntu/Linux.

OS fresh install on 1/11/10. Did an OS update before my second installation of XBMC and had no issues. if you experience this avi issue, try to uninstall xbmc, update your os and then reinstall xbmc.

It worked for me.

now i only have one issue but will add new post.

Thanks forum! you were really there. Are you people computers...lmao
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