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rss feeds
How do I edit the RSS Feeds? I see there is an option under the skin settings however it greyed out.

I was wondering if this was functional or not? I have read the wiki and it states the all you have to do is add a rss feed like a new source. Is this all?

From wiki

The rss:// protocol was released as a supported source in XBMC Media Center 8.10 and later.

To connect to a specific RSS feed, under the music, videos, or pictures section of XBMC, add a new source. In the Sources.xml file, the source should have a URL that looks like:

  <name>RSS Feed</name>
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look in ~/.xbmc/userdata/RssFeeds.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <!-- RSS feeds. To have multiple feeds, just add a feed to the set. You can also have multiple sets.  !-->
  <!-- To use different sets in your skin, each must be called from skin with a unique id.              !-->
  <set id="1">
    <feed updateinterval="30">http://some.feed.rss</feed>

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