Studio/Network Logos Repository
For a few weeks now I've been working on a github repository for network and studio logos. At the moment it includes well over 1000 studio and network logos as PNGs at the AEON 161x109 resolution.

You can browse and download the logos here:

I have also created a form where anybody can request missing logos or report logos that might be of low quality or are simply wrong:
Link to the request and report form

The form will notify me every day if someone reports something and I try to add new logos quickly. Sometimes there simply isn't any logo for a studio in which case I can't do anything about it.

Feel free to discuss the repository and give feedback or feature requests in this thread but please report missing logos with the form mentioned above.

If you have a good collection of your own with additional studio logos that aren't in the repository and you would like to add them: I would appreciate a zip archive with the missing logos. I can then add them to the repository. I will of course mention you in the commit then. Over the past months there have been several packs with logos and often studio logos with foreign characters have been broken. This means that your studio logo folder might have more files but not necessarily additional ones.
Where do I put these ?

Win-user here.
Depends on whether the skin you're using supports Studio flags.

Juts look inside the skin folder for a 'studios' folder.
Hitcher Wrote:Depends on whether the skin you're using supports Studio flags.

Juts look inside the skin folder for a 'studios' folder.

Christ.. Been looking for a studios folder before I wrote.

It was inside the subfolder 'flags'.

Thanks for making me try again.

I posted my collection of Anime studio Flag Icons in another thread. They are in 161x109px format and named by convetions. Add them to your repo if you want.
@ccMatrix are you still actively taking requests?

Thanks again for all the icons you have turned out so far.
Yes, but I started to work on new logos when a few new requests came in instead of processing every single request as soon as it comes in. At the moment I have 4 new open requests which I will do now Smile

Best way to add requests is by using the form I have online because then I have the information directly in a spreadsheet and I can check off all logos I have already processed.

If anybody has a single image already available for a specific studio or network you can also upload it to imageshack and add the url to the form and I'll add it. Be sure to add your name too so I can give you credit for your work!

I have been working on my music section lately and have been coming across some music record labels that are missing. Would you mind if we started to request those as well?
How can i download the whole GitHub source folder?
On github in the top-right click "Download Source" which will download a tarball or zip of the entire repo.

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