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Win Yatse 2 : Open Source Media Center Remote Control App for Touch Screen
Yatse 2 : Remote for Media Centers optimized for Touch Screen


Yatse means: Yet Another Touch Screen Experiment

Web site : http://yatse.leetzone.org

Wiki : http://yatse.leetzone.org/redmine/projects/yatse2/wiki

Installer : Here

Video : Yatse 2 Video Preview (Youtube)

This project is aimed to provide a beautiful interface to remote control supported Media Centers from a touch screen.
(But works flawlessly with mouse)
It only works on Windows with .Net 3.5 Sp1 (Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7)
Quote:- Full support for XBMC (Camelot and more)
- Full support for XBMC + MPC HC as external player (Dharma and MPC-HC 1.3 +)
- Full support for Media Portal 1.1 (With support for MovingPictures, MP TvSeries) (Thanks to iPiMP)

Other media centers will follow.

Majors functionalities :

  • Touch screen optimized
  • See what's currently playing on your media center
  • Support multiple Media Centers
  • Support Movies / Tv Shows / Musics by Artists, Genres, Albums with Covers and Fanarts
  • Multi langs (for the moment : English, French, Deutch, Hebrew, Dutch)
  • Support of WOL and shutdown of Media Centers
  • Screensavers (Diaporama, ...)
  • Support of skins
  • Weather informations

Some screenshots :

Image Image Image Image

See all screenshots : Here

If you want to report bugs or ask for new features, please check that the issue is not present here then make the request here

Yatse 2 is now Open Source under GPL v3.


If you make changes / updates please follow the licence and if possible Pull Request your changes so all current users can benefit from it.

DanoneKid , Bram van Oploo / Mike Thiels , Dakkar, Ember Media Manager Team, the team passion for inspiration, ideas or code.
Maxoo for the wonderfull design !
And especially Contributors

You can contribute to this project by providing translations (See here) , Skins, or with bug reports, feature requests, ....

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yatse/158907237599252
Twitter : https://twitter.com/YatseRemote


Remark : If the installer does not launch you are probably missing .Net 3.5 SP1.
Just download and install it from Microsoft : Here.
Very, very nice work!! I really like the layout.

What device are you testing this on?
I am an expert at acting like an expert ---- WC Fields.

XBMC Web Control Interface - https://github.com/mthiels/webinterface.xrc
I use it on on Thermaltake DH 102 (7'' touch screen included) primary screen Samsung LCD 46".
Little update.

* correct a bug with screen saver
* multi language (FR/EN included) feel free to contribute others Smile
* add a skin selector in options
* add a progress bar for library refresh and a button to force refresh in settings

this might be what I have been looking for for a while.

I have a Silverstone GD-02MT with LCD Touch display (Soundgraph IMON SW).

However, I do not like the software, of IMON.

I would like to use the Frontview LCD Touchdisplay for all issues, which you would like to to without having the TV running.

--> Play a CD / play music from media library / play internet radio or e.g. lookup weather info

--> I installed your Yatse and I like the design very much.

Unfortunately I cannot get the CD starting directly (CDDB selection is shown on the TV screen, and does not start until selected) and additionally after start of the CD, I do not see any info in Yatse, neither have a "Start-Next-Stop" button, ... what am I'm doing wrong ?

Your screenshots are great ... I want it ;-) ...!

Btw: I am using Win7 32Bit on an Zotac Ion 330 platform, should be latest version of XBMC, since I just updated it by today.

Thank you for sharing your work with us, and I am hoping for updates which will make my HTPC what I was dreaming of ... !

Best regards

Glad you like this projectSmile i too don't like the imon Wink
Your needs are quite the same as mine that's why i started this project.

For weather info and other function like the imon's one it's not for soon too much work before that Smile

At this moment the software is aimed for library usage, if you have a library with cover / fanart you should have the same interface than the screen shots.
(For music genre if you have image for genre that are not by default just put them in Skin\Default\Music_Genre )

For the CD direct start i did not test since not having drive on the htpc, i'll look what is possible to do for next version
Maybe I'll find the time to participate in your valuable work with first versions of translations in

german, dutch, spanish

Where to find the text fragments ?
The files are in the Langs sub directory.

One XML for each language, UTF8 encoded.

Small update
- Settings are now stored in the application directory (simpler to reset)
- Support for PlayCD directly (Add a button for that and eject on the remote panel)
- Small corrections and logs for screen resolution changes (For logs you must change in Yatse.Settings the ligne Debug to true).
I'll give you a feedback, then.

BTW: Whats your OS ? WinXP ? Vista or Win7 ?

I still have problems getting it to work.

Should I delete the configfile ? I often get (in Win7) the feedback that Yatse is not working probably and has to be closed.
I test on Win XP3, Win 7 X64 and Win 7 x86.

Alpha 3 have a little bug on config files Sad Seems the name i choose for local config was not a good choice.

I'm finishing the modifications for multi size interface, so can't upload a fix now.
Should be up tomorrow night.

(http://apress.com/book/view/9781430219101 very good book on WPF)

As a test delete the Yatse.config in the prog directory and the tolriq dir in C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data
(Assuming you use alpha 3).

If YATSE lauch and work until you save a config and restart the app it should be fixed on alpha 4.

I couldn't resist, and had to try immediately.

However, I have some problems

I start Yatse (Alpha3), then XBMC. Yatse is started from a random directory.

When I start Yatse, the menu bar on the left appears.
-> For all buttons, no musik, videos, .... found (maybe I need to keep myself updated with the fanart stuff).
-> Settings seems to work

However, when I start XBMC after I started Yatse, Yatse disappears from my small display. ....

I tried both: Yatse only, and Yatse and later XBMC started, but when I close the CDRom Tray with a CD inside .... nothing happens (any Win7 changes to make - like autoplay with XBMC ... ?).

It's normal that YATSE show nothing if XBMC is not started since it use it's integrated Web Server to gather data.

You should start XBMC before YATSE if on the same computer.

How are your screen configured ?
The touchscreen is the secondary screen and XBMC on the first one ?

If using on the same computer there's an option in xbmc that should be checked it's :
Use full size window instead of full screen. And verify that that the option Clear other screens is not checked too Smile

For auto play in XBMC i don't know if there's an option, but you can use the 4th button on the left menu, to get to the remote control mode.
Then click the cd button to start play the cd.

Edit :
To auto play audio cd check Settings/Music/audio CD and the autoplay checkbox Smile

Ok so big update, i let the alpha Tag since lot's of download and no feedback Smile (and i need to change implementation of coverflow)

If you update from older version please remove totaly the old application and the Tolriq dir in : C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data

- Changed the config filename to Settings.xml to remove an odd bug.
- Support multi resolution (anything >= 800*600)
- Support stacked movies
- Lots of bug correction
- Add a debug mode in config file to have full log
- Better Exception handling and log.
- Option to hide mouse cursor.
- On the fly options activation on saving (Resolution / Library refresh)

This application is now fully useable for touch screen , and as a remote controler with a mouse (even if movie list is not optimized for).

Hope to have more feedback from now Smile
Well, I am making some progress ;-) ... but slowly ...

I deleted the Tolriq dir, deleted the old versions of Yatse ..
Then I start XBMC and after that Yatse (Alpha 4)
- Changed XBMC to Web Server activated
- however, cant get it to work ... :-( ...
- what webserver address ? IP adress of my computer running XBMC or Loopback ( adress ? With the Test button I always get a message, that wrong XBMC parameters are selected (Win7 Firewall on or off). Any more ways to test it ?

Good is that CD starts automatically playing ;-) ahhhhhhh, but I cannot skip tracks, pause, .... with the display control (4th button in the menu).

Because the web server does not correctly work I think its no surprise that i do not find any films or music, right ?

Additionally, currently it seems very resource hungry. Sometimes it takes seconds until it takes the next touchscreen touch - about 23% resources taken by XBMC on my Atom330.

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Yatse 2 : Open Source Media Center Remote Control App for Touch Screen5
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