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Win Yatse 2 : Open Source Media Center Remote Control App for Touch Screen
Hum yes Smile

You click on the Update lang files in settings Smile but i did not update the files on the Web server Smile So you get bad file.

(The left button on settings since i'm not sure you can read it in 480 :p)

I've updated the server, just click on the button again.


PS : I see at the time that you speak a non english language Smile i hope that you'll be able to make a translation for your language when V2 is out.

PS 2 : For users seing the screenshot not perfect the official minimal resolution is 800*600 Smile
Added a small patch 1 to change the Home button to a Back button.

I hope last update until real alpha with Tv show support.
I've translated the language file to hebrew.
in here http://www.sendspace.com/file/91xwg5
the translation is far from great but everything is translated.
the only problem is that hebrew (and also arabic) is written right to left, and of course align to the right (also a label is placed to right of a button).
but i don't find this important at all.
i think you shouldn't worry yourself about it at all.
Just installed YATSE for the first time - just installed my 23" touch screen Big Grin

A few suggestions (Since I cannot gt it configured)...

1) have an autodetect function for if XBMC is on the same machine
- look for the XBMC.exe and have everything auto setup, maybe prompt for port if it does not detect it on the defaults 80 or 8080

2) when YATSE launches and it cannot connect to XBMC (but it is already configured in YATSE) have a message and button on the screen to launch XBMC.

I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
@dhead : Thanks, the file will perhaps change a little before final but it's great.
If you think people can understand your translation even if the text is not correctly presented i add it. if you think it's unuseable i'll try to find a way about this Smile.

The file is uploaded on server, everybody can use the update langs to get it.

@Livin : Well i need to change lots of things to handle this, Yatse2 is designed to work for others media centers too Smile, i'll try to add such feature in the API but i doubt for initial 2.0 release.

For XBMC you need to activate http server and event server. You can check in the logs for more detailed errors.
You can also change in the Yatse2.xml the line

To activate full network trace Smile
Is there a readme somewhere for the basic functions?

I cannot figure out how to shut down YATSE while in the interface?
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Not yet, i'll fill the wiki with all necessary information when 1st full alpha is out.

To shutdown yatse just clic on the middle icon on home page.

Then from left to right you have access to :
hibernate / close / reboot

All 3 function targeting the computer where YAtse is running.

So to resume to close Yatse2 : go home, clic bottom middle icon then the new middle icon again Smile

If you want the same function for a remote XBMC it's on the remote action part (third icon on home page)
there is no middle icon?

I have not got it to connect to XBMC yet... does the icon only show when connected to XBMC?
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Well no it's allways here Smile

[Image: quit1.png]

[Image: quit2a.png]
cool... I figured it out... must go 'back' a few times Smile

Can you add a button to turn off both YATSE & XBMC?

Also, when you add the feature to launch XBMC if not turned on please give the option to launch on the 2nd display as such...

C:\Windows\System32\DisplaySwitch.exe /extend
start /WAIT xbmc.exe
C:\Windows\System32\DisplaySwitch.exe /external

... or a generic ability to launch a BAT file. Smile

I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Oh man, I go away for one day and come back 2 updates later!

Tolriq you are the man!!

This is a great release Wink
Everything seems good, the weather screen looks great!

As with last version, the first time I run it, if I go to movies, I cannot scroll. Go back, go back in movies, then scrolling works. Every time I run it, no scrolling until 2nd time i enter the list.

edit: Its the same in the music screen. I click artists, I can not move. I go back, click artists again, now I can move. I select an artist by double click (why double click?). I cannot scroll, can only select the first album, even if I go back, never can I scroll the albums. I double-click the album, expecting it to queue it or open up to a song selection screen. Nothing happens... need to push the tiny 'play' button to get it going. I mash the play button 20 times until finally hitting it, the music plays.

thanks for the back button!

Profile selection ---> a bit broken. Load one profile, switch on XBMC, load the second profile. Said bad parameters, crashed XBMC. Tried again, worked. Switch profiles on YATSE, profile does not change on XBMC. Click movies, says 'must refresh library'. No way to refresh library? Evenutally XBMC freezes.

Also with this version I am getting constant disconnect, reconnect messages.
@Livin : Will see what i can do, but in newer XBMC version, you can configure on witch screen you want XBMC to start inside XBMC no need for external commande line.

@vinistois : Can you please upload a full log file to see if there"s something strange on the scrolling part?

For artist of genre select i use double click since simple click is used to scroll Smile
And the play button queue all songs from artist or genre.

For Albums, i can add that double click does the same as the little i on right to see details and song selection Smile

For profiles again i need log file (eventually with trace activated see previous posts) to see what happens. What XBMC version are you using ? For profiles i did my tests on a recent build.

The way to handle it is :
Start XBMC and load a profile.
In Yatse Go add a remote and wait for it to say connected.
Load the other profile in XBMC.
In Yatse Go Add another remote and wait for it to say connected.

You can now connect to a remote in Yatse and it should switch profiles.

To refresh library : 2 way, you activate the auto refresh on connect in options.
Or in the remote part (when cliking the top right green icon) click on the bottom right icon that looks like refresh Smile

Edit : Just tested with 9.11 before going work :p (i'm late :p) all works ok, just double check that you have enable Web Server and Event Server in both profile.
Hi Tolriq.

I've updated the language file, now i'm pretty happy with it.

I've found out that when opening an artist info on Now Playing then the minimize icon is hiding behind the weather forcast.

[Image: blahz.png]

I think Yatse should run as a tray icon and not on taskber.

Can you add an option to disable the screensaver in Now Playing while playing music and show only the fanart of the current artist.

Another feature i would like is after choosing a genre to see the attributed artists (instead of albums) , choosing one and list his/her albums, like the same procedure in XBMC.

Thanx for all the work done.
Well the main target of Yatse is to be full screen Smile so no real impact on being in taskbar or in tray Smile

So i'm not sure i'll add this since it's not native in WPF.

For the minimize problem, the Hack480 is done for this Smile
Juste edit Yatse2.xml and change

This will change the minimize icon position Smile

But remember that 480 is not offcially supported, i do what i can but until a V3 fully skinable that can have a special skin for 480 they're may be things that i won"t be able to fix.

I'll try to add the option for music background change, i did that since most users don't have fanart for every artists they have.

And the option to add the artist choice beetween genre and albums have allready been asked and accepted Smile will see if in 2.0 or 2.X.
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