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I've done a lot of searching but still haven't found a thread or a place in the Wiki where the Video Diagnostic Screen (keyboard O) is explained. I will attempt to use this thread as a way to get the answers that I'm seeking and then perhaps we can get it added to the Wiki. I still am unsure about many of the numbers but hopefully people will respond here and I can update it until we have everything.


D(Audio: ac3, 48000hz, 5.1, s16, 448 kb/s) P(aq:99%, kB/s:440.98) -->
D(Audio informatoin: audio codec, bit rate, # of channels, ?, bit rate/second) P(audio quality?, ?)

D(Video: mpeg2video, yuv420p, 720x480 [PAR 32:27 DAR 16x9], 9800 kb/s) P(vq: 98%, dc:libmpeg2, Mb/S: 3.45, drop:0, pc:2) -->
D(Video information: video codec, ?, resolution, [? Aspect ration], bit rate) P(video quality, ? , ? , drop frames?, ?)

C( ad: 0.000, a/v: 0.047, edl:-, dcpu: 0% acpu: 0% vcpu:4%)

W( fps:23.98 CPU 4 core(s) average: 2.7% )
W?( frames per second # of Computer Cores, Average CPU usage)
Does anybody know what some of those numbers I am missing mean?
D(Video: mpeg2video, yuv420p, 720x480 [PAR 32:27 DAR 16x9], 9800 kb/s) P(vq: 98%, dc:libmpeg2, Mb/S: 3.45, drop:0, pc:2) -->
D(Video information: video codec, colorspace, resolution, [Pixel Aspect ratio Display aspect ratio], average bit rate) P(video queue saturation, demux , current video bitrate , dropped frames, pullup correction pattern length)
Third line is:
audiodelay, a/v sync (kind of, nobody start screaming that their a/v sync is not 0, this is just debug info so even if you think you know what it means you don't), edit decision list (never used that so can't explain), demuxer cpu, audio cpu, video cpu.

aq in the first line means audio queue saturation.

If you turn on sync playback to display you'll get some more info in the 4th line.
What about: "C( ad: 0.000, a/v: 0.047, edl:-, dcpu: 0% acpu: 0% vcpu:4%)"

Any explanations?
throw up...
Added this to the wiki under Video Playback since I was looking for it also.
Here's a direct link to the diagnostic info Wiki:
Regarding the wiki topic the wiki page has been updated but still many unexplained values, if anyone would care to update page or post relavnt information so the wiki page can be definitive and up-to-date would be appreciated.

The last line has to do with the setting to Sync to display, and shows different information depending on the choice to dupe or drop audiopackets.
I get a lot of dropped frames for the Synch to display line. What exactly does that mean?
usually a mismatch between video frame rate and display refresh rate. Or wrong audio settings.
I'm just reading the codecinfo (wiki) page, and it links audio queue saturation to an article discussing "warm" tape sounds... is this link appropriate, as it seems a little nonsensical to me... What then does video queue saturation mean?

Or are these "queue saturation" numbers representative of how full (or empty) the respective data queue/buffer is?
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(2013-08-22, 17:51)MilhouseVH Wrote: ..."warm" tape sounds... is this link appropriate...

Hilariously inappropriate !!

yeah... let's get some "tube sound" on that DTS bitstream - I don't think so Wink

Maybe it's a measure of how close the audio data load is to the max allowable bitrate for that container/file type ?

Perhaps somebody (who) can read the source code will clarify...
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