Couple of "Sort By" Questions

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kiboy6 Offline
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1.) Is there any reason why there is no "Sort by Year" option for music singles?

2.) Would it be possible to have the option to sort movie library by "date added"? (ie similar to recently added movies but as a sort option for the whole library)

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jmarshall Offline
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Both are possible. Neither are implemented, purely due to time reasons.

Feel free to get stuck in - see SortFileItem.cpp and GUIViewStateMusic/Video.cpp


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kiboy6 Offline
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Hi Jonathan,

Do you mean that neither has yet been implemented in XBMC, so these aren't skin questions?

Thanks Smile
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djdafreund Offline
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He is in fact meaning they aren't done in XBMC, and if implemented, they will be available in skins. So yes, they aren't skin questions. But maybe in time. Lot's of things happen in time, even sometime's things once previously said wouldn't ever happen in XBMC have much later actually happened. Just be patient though and see. And enjoy things in the meantime.
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