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Separation of Media by Folders in Library Mode
Is there a way to separate movies by folder in the library mode? For example, if I have all my movies in a folder called Media and then a folder called Not Watched, is there a way to see just the files in those individual folders in the library mode.

The reason I ask is I would like to be able to see all the fanart, the plot info, etc., but limit it to a group of files in one folder. That way I could have things in my collection in one folder and things I haven't watched in another folder. Is this possible using this skin (or any other)?
Seems odd this one. As there are icons for "Watched" and "Un-Watched" movies and for TV shows. Might have to update to a "nightly build" to see the icons. And i am using the "Rapier Qualar" skin. So it might be just that skin that has it.

It's a "Tick" icon on top of the poster.
Create multiple sources? If you have the parent items thingie enabled in XBMC settings (not skin settings, settings -> appearance -> file lists (or something like that, not using english xbmc, above screensavers anyway), then first option) you can hit the '..' item while in movies, and you'll see title, genre etc., hit the '..' again and you should see all your movie sources .. atleast I think so. I might've missed a step since I don't have multiple sources, and I'm too lazy to test it myself, but I think you get the idea.

I think you can set the listing with all the sources as "default view" and you'll end up there when you hit the movies item in the home menu, but I could be wrong.

Separation of Media by Folders in Library Mode00