Mod approval, how long will it take?

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Question  Mod approval, how long will it take?
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Last week I posted a reply on a thread regarding the new ZBOC HD-ID11 having video & HDMI audio issues. It seems like most people have trouble getting this new piece of hardware to work properly with XBMC.

My reply was a very detailed post what step by step instructions on how I got mine to work perfectly.

It's been a few days and I'm still wondering why my post hasn't been approved yet. I am sure it will benefit many people.

I know there is an anti-spam feature for new forum users and indeed my post had a few links.

Can a mod look into this? Thank you!
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Done, sorry about that. Any time someone with <3 posts pastes a few links it trips the spam filter. You're all set now.

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Awesome thank you very much!
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Where abouts is this thread? I'm interested Wink
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Closing here, since everything is sorted I hope.

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