Proxy or VPN setup for XBMC for Hulu and similar geolocked / geoblocked addons?
Hey everyone,

I was wondering if someone could give me step-by-step instructions on how to install a proxy server that will load up every time XBMC loads, and have it connected to the XBMC content. I am in Canada and many of the plugins don't work because they're for the USA only.

Any help would be greatful! Half of the Proxy terminology I don't understand. I am in Windows XP Pro!

You would need a proxy located in the US for it to work. That's how a proxy works. You connect to that proxy, which feeds data it receives on your behalf to you. Hulu identifies you by the proxy's IP and not your own. It essentially makes you look like your in the US, when you are really not.

Running a proxy locally won't help you because the proxy is still in Canada off your IP, which will be blocked by Hulu.

There are options out there for proxies that you must pay for. Free proxies usually don't have the bandwidth needed for video streaming.

Keep in mind that Hulu is constantly updating their code to prevent users from using a proxy to watch their content, at the request of the entertainment industry.

You might want to just save yourself the hastle and go with another option (torrent, usenet) but that would be getting into topics not really meant for this forum.
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OK legal issues aside, is it possible, via proxy perhaps to get Hulu running here in the UK on Dharma ?

Is there a way, for instance, to have a proxy on off switch in Linux so i can access Hulu but still use BBC Iplayer when needed ? Kinda having my cake and eating it so to speak Smile

Or is there a guide to setting a proxy for specific sites in ubuntu ?
I am in Canada.
Currently I have W7 and use WMC.
I have no cable.
I watch HULU via strong VPN.
I watch stored content from my local network.

I want to move to XBMC live, continue to watch stored content and HULU. The unit will be use by my non-techie wife.

Is this possible ? How difficult is it ? Thanks.
I currently do this by using an old laptop running Unbuntu with an openvpn connection shared to the rest of my lan by Firestarter. I can be done on your xbmclive box but you'd need to compile openvpn to work without prompting for a password for your vpn account (and start at boot time) - I gave up on that.
sigh... this is starting to sound complicated... (btw thanks for the post).
Maybe I need to rethink XBMC live... i mean currently, my wife is very happy running WMC and clicking on the VPN connection when she wants to run HULU.
Perhaps I have to go to XBMC on W7.... sigh.

The problem being with the laptop solution is that I don't have a spare laptop, and also, then I have 10 other questions about routing network traffic...

OK... so what about this OpenVPN ? Why did you give up? How would I go about find out about this ?
Fishy, any old pc would do for the linux part, you could run ubuntu off of a usb stick (and keep the PC as it is). All the routing is taken care of by Firestarter - all you do is make your other PC/xbmcl point to it as a gateway.

Having said all that, I have also setup xbmcl for friends where they use putty to SSH to the xbmcl box and then issue a command to connect to the vpn, then they leave it connected for until they next power off. I also believe boxee has vpn plugins that will do everything you want via the GUI.
It is possible to run openvpn with it asking you for the account password. I have done it.
Assuming you can get a Linux terminal up and running.

You need to have the following openvpn files ca.crt,, client.key and filename.ovpn, the ovpn file name depends on your vpn provider
I put them in a directory called Downloads/vpn
install openvpn
Quote:sudo apt-get install openvpn

To run

Quote:cd Downloads/vpn
sudo openvpn --config filename.ovpn

Not all VPN clients use openvpn.

Some use Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) But this too can be done in Linux.

To stop it asking for the user password when you do a sudo command type
Quote:sudo visudo

To allow all members of group sudo to not need a password, arrow down to the following line and uncomment it (remove the #)
To allow only a certain user to not need a password, arrow down to a blank line and enter the following(change to the name of the user):
Press F3. You will see a prompt at the bottom of the screen that reads File Name to Write: /etc/sudoers.tmp. Hit backspace 4 times to remove the .tmp extension and press Enter.
You will then be asked if you wish to overwrite the existing file, press Y.

Use at your own risk
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I've seen multiple thread on this but none seem to help.

I've recently upgraded from Camelot to Dharma beta 4, installed all the add-ons found below, then on my router disabled the port 1935 so the geo tagging can't show I'm in Canada as per multiple threads I've seen, I've added one below. Please note I tried to access Hulu before using the port blocking in conjunction with a firefox added to change the header information to show a US IP address but I was still not able to access hulu, but it did block me from accessing the discovery channel streaming video (Canadian science channel) because it thought I was out of Canada. I recall seeing a post on the hulu add-on stating that the first revision unaltered header, and the new revision added the fix.

Currently with or without the port 1935 blocked I can load the hulu add-on and it can search and show screen shots, but when asked to play the movie, it asks for the quality level then does not show. With the exception of some clips on true blood I saw, but I'm disregarding those as being open to everybody since they are not full episodes, and I can see then with or without the port blocking.

Is there something I missed in order to get this to work?

Add-in repository

Lifehacker hulu hack
I havent tried in a few days but ALL hulu content is coming to an END for us (XBMC, Boxee). The time may be here and now. Limelight was the only stream to work lately. Make sure you select a Limelight stream.

Check the hulu addon settings and adjust accordingly.

I live in europe and got the hulu plugin installed. When I try to play an episode, I get stuck at some choose quality thing in the plugin. I think it's proberly because I live in europe. Is there any free workaround howto get xbmc live to stream hulu while located in europe. I'm thinking of vpn, proxy or another solution. I've searched the forum but havn't been able to find a real "how-to" do this.

Hi Vinther,

by default i think it allow you to choose a stream. Based on CDN (akami,limelight,etc). I'm not sure whether it supports Proxy or not. I'm in the US. What happens when you choose one of the Different Stream Types? If you find one that seems to work ok. Then you can go under the Addons Settings and Select Just that CDN and Quality. So it Does not pop up that dialog.

Hope that helps.

Simple answer is yes.
But its not easy as you need to install some VPN client on your distro of linux. And with the live version of XBMC you need to be handy with the terminal screen, as I found the GUI interface for the network manager wouldn't work. PLus you also need to install it.
Remember the live version only has enough of the Linux program to run XBMC. You might be better off going for a full Linux install and then the normal XMBC. Good excuse to upgrade to Dharma.
With a full blown version of linux setting up the VPN is easy peasy.
Have sent you a PM as well.
If you can't fix it with a hammer you have an electrical problem.
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I also give answer yes for your question. I want to know more on canada vpn as it is the good online service provider. Linux is a very secure and safe platform for using best vpn connection.
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