xbmc crash when stopping video
I've installed Fedora 12 and XBMC recently and I have problems with video's stopping and then crashing the entire box.

I've included a log with the report:

My system:
-Ati HD 4200
-Fedora 12

XBMC build 10.5 from source

I've had camelot also to try if that did not have the problem, but the same errors were seen in the log with that version.
No other users here running XBMC on Fedora 12?
It looks to me like a distro problem, but I'm not sure.

I tried watching a movie from within an iso a few minutes ago and it crashed on palyback right away. Highly unstable imo.
Install gdb and post the generated crashlog.
gdb was installed already (latest version according to yum)
Here's a crash log i just created.

That's a debug log, not a crashlog.
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Where are the crash logs created? I haven't found any. I'm running xbmc from the desktop.
XBMC doesn't crash to the desktop it just hangs, so maybe there is no crash log creation if that doesn't happen?
Replicate in windowed mode, then kill the process with killall -SEGV xbmc.bin. Should dump a crash report in your ~.
I just tried the windowed mode option, I can then see that outside the xbmc window I can still use my mouse.

I tried with the kill command, it shutdown xbmc, but no crashlog was created.
Furthermore it was still in my process list, but as defunct.
Ihave been fiddling with settings some more, suspecting that maybe a video setting made it crash.

It turns out that if i disable 'sync playback to display' it does NOT crash or hang anymore.
No idea why this is though.
Blame ati.
What does this setting do exactly then?
You can read about that in the wiki: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Videos_Settings

Problem is the GLX_SGI_video_sync extension doesn't work on ati, it freezes.
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