XBMC Cheat Sheet
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Here is a little cheatsheet / card to print out and stick under your keyboard (for those of you using wireless keyboards) or just laminate and keep on the couch Laugh

Below is a picture of mine under my wireless Revo keyboard and a link to the PDF and DOC files. Hope its useful for you guys!


Also here is one done by n3cromanc3r


Very nice! I might print that out and attach it underneath the keyboard from my Revo.
thanks, great work.

btw: are these all available keys ?
I left out the obvious like 1,2,3,4... etc. But like I said its obvious when you have to enter some data. Other than that its all that is available and I tested them on both Windows and Linux Wink
lol...interesting Smile

But for £10 you can just get a Cyberlink remote with USB receiver and spend 5 mins following a guide on here to set it up.
robo989 Wrote:lol...interesting Smile

But for £10 you can just get a Cyberlink remote with USB receiver and spend 5 mins following a guide on here to set it up.

And politeness costs nothing!!!!!

Good stuff OP, I do not have a great memory so this will be helpful stuck to the underneath of my keyboard Big Grin
Thank you muchly should help when having blonde moments
It's a good idea.

@ubuntuf4n ... no those are not all available keys.
See keymap xml files (located in program files/xbmc/system/keymaps) for default actions/functions.
If you do some changes copy the keymap to your userdata.
Here are all actions.
And here all functions.

As you good see your keymap has a lot of default actions/functions to many to put all on a cheat sheet.

The best cheat sheet would be on screen and showing the actions/functions of the present xml file.
Maybe someone could make a script for it or better xbmc support.
totally cool, if we could also edit the keymap within xbmc or script.
awesome idea! thanks!
Great idea, why didn't i think of that LOL.

Would of been very useful at the beginning!
Chanders, I too created a cheatsheet some time ago after (surprisngly) I couldn't find anything online anywhere.


Beat you to it (5 months ago!) Wink Google's put you to the top of the search though now, I guess I chose the wrong place to post a link to it (reddit).

I'm currently doing a second revision, that is a bit more in-depth, going into how to edit keymap.xml and add extra functionality.

Two of the best entries so far foor me have been a key to select the next visualisation preset (and previous too) and also more importantly a key to popup a search box when browsing media. This is a killer feature, it would be nice to see this pushed upstream and added by default.

Anyhow, keep up the good work. Perhaps we should see if the xbmc team would host an open-source cheatsheet/guide on their site. That would be sweet. In the meantime it's me and you sonny.

You's is perfect for under the keyboard btw. Mine is a little more of a reference sheet to keep to hand (or on your desktop/phone).

The keymaps xml files are already open-source cheat sheets. Smile

Sweet would be if Xbmc create a new built in function
This action would show the actions available in the present xml file onscreen.
Always up to date and if it's customised you'll see those actions to.

Awesome if there was also an editor, with pre set list of all availble actions/functions.

Just a thought.....
Open onscreen keymap, contextmenu add action, push button remote which you want to add and choose from list which action/function to use.
@ n3uromanc3r No wories, the more the merrier, until we have the Ultimate cheet sheet.. I have edited the first post to include yours also Wink

@Waffa You mean something like this?


Thats from a greasemonkey script for Gmail
Yes, a dialog that only show the actions available in the xml you are.

example:You're in Fullscreen video (VideoFullScreen.xml)
You want to see these actions (+ the global actions)


But really the best part would be if we could edit them within xbmc.
Would be much more userfriendly to mod your keymap.
Good idea, thanks!

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