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[RELEASE] cdART Manager Script
This is my first attempt at a script for XBMC. Originally I had set out to provide myself an Dharma version of CDArt Downloader, but then it grew and changed.


Main menu

Album List

Cover Art List

Fan Art List

ClearLOGO List

Viewing Images after Auto Download

Frodo Version available on the official XBMC repo

Latest test version

When updating from 2.7.4 or earlier, please follow these instructions
To fix the errors that may have been introduced by the change on MusicBrainz do the following
- Set 'Enable MusicBrainz ID update during Addon Database update' to on
- Set 'Check Database MBID's to be current during an Update' to on
- Then preform a database update. The script should fix the MBID's that have extra info.

Available through the Official repo

cdART Template for Photoshop

http://fanart.tv/wp-content/uploads/2012...v3.5.2.zip - Thanks Kode & filthycatbox
Instruction are inside zip file

cdART Template for GIMP

http://fanart.tv/wp-content/uploads/2012...p-v2.0.zip - Thanks Sekhmet & Martijn
Files & Folders

Path to music library

This path represents the path skins use to access the ClearLOGOs(logo.png), fanart, extrafanart, Artist Thumbnails and Music banners on an artist level. This path does not need to point directly to your music library if you don't want to clutter up your music with ClearLOGOs or extrafanart. You can set up an 'Artwork' path which both your skins and the script will point to.

cdART Backup Folder

This is the path where you would like your cdARTs to be copied to if you use the backup feature from the Advanced menu in the script.

Enable saving of missing.txt file

If enabled, the script will save a missing.txt file at the closing of the script.

Path for missing.txt file - active only if above is turned on.

This is the path where you would like the missing.txt file to be stored. In this file shows the albums/artists that are missing artwork. An 'X' means the art work is there and empty box means there is no artwork on your system

Backup Saving Format

There are two choices here. Artist/Album.png or Artist - Album.png. This is used by the script to name the cdARTs when using one of the backup options from the Advanced menu. Since normally all the cdARTs are named cdart.png the script needs to rename them when storing them in the backup folder.

Custom Colours

This is where you get to select the colouring of the text labels you want displayed within the script.

Extra Settings

Overwrite Low-Res Existing cdARTs

If enabled, the script will look at the resolution of the local cdART and compare it to the one found on fanart.tv. If the local is smaller than 1000x1000 and the one on fanart.tv is 1000x1000 it will download from fanart.tv. This only is used for automatic download, as you can always overwrite when using the manual method. Also Cover Arts(folder.jpg) will always be overwritten as fanart.tv only has the resolution of 1000x1000 available.

Notify During Background Database Build

If enabled, the script will use the XBMC notification popup to show Artist & Album info while the background db is being built. This can be pretty noisy if you have skin sounds turned on.

Notify At End of Background Database Build

If enabled, the script will use the XBMC notification popup to show that the DB is finished being built(it is also displayed for 2 seconds)

Build Database in Background

Clicking on this will start the script building the Database in the Background. This allows you to continue on enjoying XBMC while the script does it's thing. To exit the settings, just click on the 'OK' button.

Update XBMC Thumbnails and Fanarts - Only works with Eden at this moment

This will trigger the script to find all your artwork files(except cdARTs) and overwrite the ones stored in the userdata/Thumbnails/Music folder

Add all artist to Database during Database build or update

If enabled, the script will add/update all the local artist(including those found on compilations) to/in the Database

Enable MusicBrainz ID update during Addon Database update(for missing IDs)

If enabled, the script will update any missing MusicBrainz IDs that may have been missed in the past during a Database Update(useful for those database created with version 2.5.1).

Check Database MBIDs to be current during an Update

If enabled, the script will check the MBIDs for the albums/artists contained in the scripts database against MusicBrainz then if necessary update them to the latest. This will add a lot of time to the update as it takes time to check MusicBrainz

Skins That Feature cdART: - See here for the most uptodate info

Night - all variations(Purity, Neon)
The Carmichael
Aeon MQ 2 & 3
Alaska Revisited MOD
Cirrus - all variations - though it spins too fast and not proportioned nicely to album cover
Aeon Nox

There may be other skins that can display cdART with mods. If you see one, please post the thread link and I'll have it posted here for all to see...

Important Threads
Best Folder Arrangement -> http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1111997
MusicBrainz Picard Setup -> http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1102795

Useful tools
Bliss - > http://www.blisshq.com/ - for reorganizing the structure of your music folder

Steps for reporting problems/bugs


I'm not trying to be rude, or negative, but when reporting a bug or a problem you are having please follow the following....

Step 1: Put XBMC into Debug Mode - link
Step 2: Restart XBMC
Step 3: If you have addons that run automatically at start of XBMC(Sharethe.TV, Weather.com Plus, etc.) wait a few minutes for these scripts to run
Step 4: Run cdART Manager
Step 5: Upload your FULL xbmc.log file to pastebin.com

Method 1:

Use the XBMC Log Script

Method 2:

Manually locate your xbmc.log file - see Here for location
Copy and paste xbmc.log to pastebin.com

If you feel you have private information that you don't want the public be able to see, setup an account on pastebin.com and store it as a private paste.

Step 6: Create a new forum message on this thread, which contains steps to reproduce, your pastebin url

Using these steps will allow me to find the problem and repair it for the next release.
happy to see that someone continu my work Wink
Hope you don't mind... It was quite a learning experience, especially changing it over to a script...
For those who make their own cdARTs I thought I might give a little example of one of the reasons I created this script. I doubt I'm the only one that does this. When I sit down to make my missing cdARTs I do them in batches 40-50 at a time. So adding them to the album folders gets quite tedious(ok, I'm a bit lazy.. Wink ) With this script, they can be added quite easily. Here's how.

When creating the cdARTs save them in a folder in one of the two following ways:

Artist/Album.png <- where the artist and the album matches the ID3tag info that xbmc builds the library off of.
ACDC/Live - CD 1.png (for us linux users)
ACDC\Live - CD 1.png (for the Windows users)


artist - album.png

acdc - live - cd 1.png

both these are case dependent. the first way the folder/filename needs to match the ID3Tag(beware of non-standard characters like the slash brothers(aka forward '/' and backward '\' slashes) this get interpreted as new folders when the files are written.) The second, everything needs to be in lower case. Both ways work correctly, though the second way probably is the easiest.

Now run the script. First go to the Settings option. While in the Settings screen, set the Backup folder to the one you created the cdARTs into. Next set the File format to the one you used, select OK to save the setting and leave the screen. Now select the cdART Backup option in the Advance menu. When your ready, click the Restore from Backup option.

The program then takes over and starts copying the files from the backup folder to the Album folders(as long as you have write permissions set so XBMC can write to those folders. Which you should otherwise the program will fail on any of the downloading options) If all goes well(it should - though spelling mistakes happen) The final dialog will show the total number of cdARTs copied.
first of all thank you for this good working script.
I have a suggestion wich would make this script much more efficient.

it would be much better to look up first %album% and if there are multiple results combine it with %album artist% instead of looking up every %artist% - %album% combination.
that could save much time, if there are many compilations in the music db.

keep going with your good work
i was happy to see the cd-art manager and would like to try it out, but now it says:

"Invalid or Deleted File"
redje - Try this link. I'll change it on the main topic page


vanMiez - glad to get comments.. I'm not sure about the area you are talking about. When the program is first run, it looks for any cdARTs you may have(ones that are located in the music path) based on XBMC's music library, it then builds a local database(which speeds the next use of the program up) This the only time it looks at everything(locally). When searching for cdARTs, it is probably easier to do it by Artist since there will be fewer Artist than Albums(as this script does). If you can give me a bit more detail, I'll look into it.
for me it looks like the script is going through the artist library of xbmc (or the one build by it's own) and connects this info with the album information. (on wich album is a track by this artist?)
an example: (thats what it looks for me how it is currently working)

step1: looking for %artist% in db -> found: 'david guetta'
step 2: looking for %album% on wich is a track of this artist -> found: 'one love', 'dream dance 40' ... (two online lookups)
step 3: looking for cdart -> found: 'one love' -> downloading
the other combination wouldn't be found cause such a combination isn't existing on xbmcstuff.com

the main problem is:
if you're looking for %artist% there are much more entries because of entries like: 'david guetta ft. akon' 'david guetta ft. kelly rowland' 'david guetta ft. kid cudi' ...wich will never find a cdart because in the xbmcstuff.com db its only the %album artist% wich is important. i know that xbmc has the option to hide %artist% wich is only on compilation, but that wouldn't solve the problem i think (probably it would).

so i think it would be better if the first lookup will be the %album% tag because there're much less %album% entries than %artist% entries because of compilations, soundtracks, and those feat. things.
naturally these %album% tags have to be combined with %album artist% (or %band% tag, don't know wich one is used by xbmc - i have both tagged) because of 'best of' albums or same named albums by different artists.

so thats what i guess is more efficient:

step 1: looking for %album% -> found: 'one love'
step 2: looking for %album artist% or %band% -> found: 'david guetta'
step 3: looking for cdart -> downloading
that will cause one lookup online and later one lookup for 'dream dance 40' by 'various artists' wich seems like being equal (in this case) to the procedure you're using BUT: you are causing about 12 lookups for the 'one love' album (because the're many featurings) and about 40 lookups for any compilation (with no result) compared to the other way around wich will still cause only two lookups.

hmmm after writing and thinking twice it would probably be enough to change the lookup in your script from %artist% to %album artist%
let me think about it :-)
but until now: what do you think?
hopefully i haven't missunderstood the way your script is working
The ultimate goal of the script is to search via Album Artist, since this is looking for cd art. Getting the right info from the music database(completely and properly.) I have found even with my own music is slightly improperly labeled(in the id3tags).
short request:
is this side scrapeable?


there are a lot cdart in good quality online - especially for compilations and european music
perhaps you could build in an option for the scraping source?
i think it could work because they are offering a browser search plugin

so what do you think?
The cd images on that site are not usable with out some work... the cdART images are somewhat special. On XBMCStuff.com's forum has a good tutorial for making cdARTs using free software(GIMP) - http://forum.xbmcstuff.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=44

Try to make a couple and submit them.. I would do them, but I still have about 400 to do for my own collection...
Version 0.9.3 - http://www.mediafire.com/?fv18nl0ej5uk0u9


- Auto download working again.
- Changed how the database is accessed - make sure you Refresh Local Database(in the Advanced menu)
- Added Local cdART list(in the Advanced menu) - This is the start of truly managing the local cdARTS(viewing and deleting) - only able to view cdARTs at this time.
- Added about 40 cdARTs to XBMCSTUFF.COM. about 70 still to upload, and about 300 still to make..
Thank you very much for this update!!! Nod

online requests were going down from about 5000 to 400... nice and fast Big Grin
sadly i haven't found any new cdart Sad -but thats ok- waiting for new cdarts added to the database and by time i will add some, too.
No problem... On XBMCSTUFF.com's forum, there is a cdART request area, have a visit, add a request of your cdARTs. I'm sure someone will help out.

Do you have anything that you want the program to also do?
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