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[RELEASE] JDownloader Plugin
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Current version: eden: 1.3.1
Old versions: dharma: 1.0.5

This plugin displays the current status of JDownloader. The following actions are supported: start, stop, pause, set limit, set max. downloads.
It is also possible to update, restart and shutdown the JDownloader application.
Make sure to enable the 'Remote Control' extension (default port 10025) in JDownloader! (Not the 'JD Webinterface' extension!)





Where to find:
You can download it from the official add-on repository (category "Program Add-ons").
You can launch it after the installation from "PROGRAMS".

How to use the API in another addon:
Have a look at the interface description

Already used by the following addons:
RlsBB Plugin
Icefilms.info Addon
StageVU Video Addon

[url=http://www.xbmchub.com/forums/anarchintosh-addons/]IceFilms Addon

Version 1.3.1 - 20.12.2013
* bug - XBMC 12.2 FRODO: fixed broken dependence
* improvement - pkg_list: display "No Package!" if there are no packages at all
* improvement - general: point out that the JD application cannot be reached in case of connection problems. "server" was not clear

Version 1.3.0 - 18.06.2012
* bug - jdnightly: fixed problems with nightly version of JDownloader
* bug - pkg_list: fixed empty list in 'finished packages' sub menu
* bug - add_links: fixed problem with automatic start of downloads: 'Start downloading after adding new links' feature did not work, when the dl list was completely empty
* improvement - pkg_list: rearranged package information in package list view (<percentage> (- <eta>) | <title> | <size>)
* improvement - pkg_list: automatic generated packages names (e.g. "Added 234204920") get replaced by filename, if possible
* feature - general: added auto refresh feature (new settings: enabled & interval)
* feature - file_list: show all files and their status by clicking on a package in the pkg list

Version 1.2.5 (1.0.5)
* Added new actions to user interface: 'Enable/Disable reconnect', 'Enable/Disable premium'
* Added new action to plugin interface: 'Reconnect'

Version 1.2.4
* Initial release for eden-pre

Version 1.0.4
* Added new features: use hostname, use fall back connection
* Fixed quoting problem

Version 1.0.3
* Fixed problem with adding unquoted urls

Version 1.0.2
* Added spanish translation (thanks to yowill)
* Added new actions: 'Add links from textfile', 'Add link container', 'Reconnect router'

Version 1.0.1
* Changed license to GPL v3
* Uses notifications instead of dialogs for messages
* Improved interface for other addons

Version 1.0.0
* Added German translation
* Handle 'failed connection' error

Version 0.1.1
* Fixed Bug: Only the first package was listed

Version 0.1.0
* Initial release

- play multimedia files directly from the plugin
- prevent xbmc from switching to standby, if there are active downloads

Please give me feedback in this thread.
IT WORKS WELL ! thanks Wink

so, no you have that, what have you planned the rest ?
call the script with another plugin/script to add download ?
stop a file download?
make a search for file ?

anything ?
I was thinking about writing a download-plugin for irfree.com, so that I could start downloads from within xbmc.
But thats not my no. 1 priority at the moment.

Despite of this, I have no other plans. The only reason I wanted this plugin in the first place, was to pause the downloads, while using the youtube or apple.movie.trailers plugin.

If you something specific in mind -> patches are welcome Wink
Awesome work ....

Would be a great to see it parse sites for download links for movies or tv shows and let the user choose to download it ...
The normal XBMC log IS NOT a debug log, to enable debug logging you must toggle it on under XBMC Settings - System or in advancedsettings.xml. Use XBMC Debug Log Addon to retrieve it.

i give you the code to make it evoluate Wink

i'll see for a way to call the plugin to send a download link, so other parsing plugin will be able to add download from outside Wink
Awesome! I tried to get this running but couldn't because I have my jdownloader password protected. Any way to let me enter this? Maybe even change the host from a strict IP screen to an arbritrary URI so I could use user:[email protected]HOST?
TheDuffMan Wrote:Awesome! I tried to get this running but couldn't because I have my jdownloader password protected. Any way to let me enter this? Maybe even change the host from a strict IP screen to an arbritrary URI so I could use user: [email protected]HOST?

I'll have a look into this issue at the weekend. In my opinion two new setting fields for user/pass would be me more (none-tech-)user-friendly, than entering an URI.
Absolutely, I think that'd be a lot easier for users as well. Thanks.
The 'Remote Control' extension, which is used by this plugin, does not support authentication. I assume you thought it would use the "Webinterface" extension!?

I also created a wiki page to make that clear: JDownloader_Remote_Control

FYI: There is already a issue about adding authentication to the extension
Hello, think you that he would be possible be possible to throw jdownloader by the addon, or is necessary he that I to create a script?

I'm using a live xbmc 9.10 -> XBMC10.0 beta3 r34731
I'm sorry, I don't understand your question. What do you mean with:
XavHorneT Wrote:... to throw jdownloader by the addon,
hum, well bad traduction.. my question is, do you think it will be possible to launch jdownloader by the addon on an ubuntu, as a shortcut?
I did not think of adding such a feature like "launching jdownloader", since my htpc launches jd always on startup .

I will try to implement this feature with the next release, but for now I would suggest, to use the launcher plugin for this purpose.
Ho Blush i just think with this addon, and just forget that another one can do this job... i am stupid.

Personally, i think that could be a good implementation (as deamon) and the ability to add a download from a .dlc.

Very good work, thank you
As far as I know, it's not possible yet to launch jd as a daemon. But the dev-team of jd is working on it.

Do you mean something like, add a dlc-container from an usb stick? Or where would you get the file from?
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