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Any channels on ROKU that compare to XBMC (slightly)?
I picked up a Roku HD-XR today from Thought I'd give it a whirl for its ease of use (read: wife acceptability factor).

I realize that Roku is a very new platform compared to XBMC. I've seen XBMC develop over the years and was even one of the original testers back in the days when it was XBOX Media Player and I had to solder a mod chip into my XBOX. Smile That being said, I appreciate how elegant and sophisticated XBMC is, but it would be nice to have a small box (Roku) that would do Netflix in addition to what I use my XBOX + XBMC for (streaming videos and photos from my Windows media server).

Has anyone tried any of the 3rd-party channels on Roku that allow streaming from a networked PC? I've seen a few online but they are very skimpy on the details. If I could get this to play the formats XBMC plays, I can get rid of my current DVD Player + XBOX + XBOX 360 + TVersity + PlayOn combo and save some shelf space!
I found Plex works well with the Roku and it will scrape for you as well so you don't need the scrape off of XBMC either, give Plex a try you can always remove it and so far Plex has handled all the transcoding on all my movies Another one I've been testing on Roku is the new beta release that does transcoding as well is Gabby, have fun.


Any channels on ROKU that compare to XBMC (slightly)?00