[Collection] Additional Addons Repositories (Unofficial/Third-Party/Developers Repos)

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drascom Offline
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here is the only turkish addon repo http://xbmc-tr-team-turkish-addons.googl..._1.0.5.zip please add the list..
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crimsonfury Offline
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How do we know what is in all of these repo's? I see the repo name but I just don't know if I should bother downloading these just to know what it in each.

I always am looking for cool addons and lots of special features. So is it worth it to get all or some of these repo's?

[Image: all-thin-banner@2x.jpg]
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o2ri Offline
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can you please add "israeli \ hebrew repository"


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Hedda Offline
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Original post needs updating with new URLs and more
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sapittim Offline
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Good addon favorite thanks.

Canlı TV
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zemelya Offline
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I got seppius repo installed and enabled on one of Android TV boxes with KODI 15.0 but I can't see any addons from that repo. Have no problem on KODI 15.0 istalled on the tablet and have no problem with that on mu other 2 Android boxes with KODI 14.2 Helix. Any idea what is the problem on KODI 15.0 with that?
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L0RE Offline
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Many of the German Plugins are from ASDE (who hasnt been Active anymore)
Many of them have been patched from Users.
I made an Repo for them and For Plugins that havnt had an home until now

Only Legal plug ins are allowed.
Some of them are also in the official repo
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S1mbo1980 Offline
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Does anyone know how I go about adding my wizard build plugin to kodi repo or if I'm allowed at all
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Gade Offline
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My development repository for the Rapier skin and my other add-ons:

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