Shade for MCE Remote
little thing i'm playing around at the moment:



it started by editing the keymap to make everything useable without a keyboard, but then i realized it is hard to remember the non global actions wich are special for different places in the skin like "move item up" in playlists or the "love" function in fullscreen mode.

so what are your thoughts and ideas for this?
i know that at the moment it looks a little disturbing to the clean shade look
I guess what we should consider is that not everyone will (A) have a remote that has color buttons and (B) use the same commands for their buttons as you and I do. Now with that being said, it MIGHT be possible to maybe add the ability to show a couple labels of buttons that users can customize themselves.

We will see how much commotion you stir up and go from there. Wink

BY THE WAY: Stop going to bed so damn early!
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Already thought about (A) by implementing "<visible>!Skin.HasSetting(HelpBox)</visible>" and (B) by mapping the colour keys to F1..F4 and tried to read out the keymap for the actions but wasn't very successfull with that. Think i will make the Includes_HelpBox.xml (as i call it) as neat as possible to make it easy to change...
but i'm still at the beginning and have to find out what is the most useful in every view...
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