[XBMC-PVR] How to activate LiveTV in the menu?

I am setting up a new HTPC based on Linux. I tried the out-of-the-box distribution yaVDR, but was not satisfied with the VDR software. However in this distribution I had "LiveTV" available in XBMC's menu.

My current approach is to set up TVHeadEnd + XBMC pvr-testing2 on top of a standard ubuntu installation. So what I have done so far:

1. Install latest ubuntu (10.04 LTS)
2. Downloaded the pvr-testing2 branch and compiled / installed it
3. Downloaded and installed TVHeadEnd

Everything seems to work, the PVR-client add-on for TVHeadEnd is available, enabled and configured. TVHeadEnd is available and delivering TV (tested by adding a new videosource htsp:// which is working).

However I'm missing the "LiveTV" function in the menu. I looked everywhere, but can not find an option to activate it with the PM3.HD skin. What do I need to change?

Kind regards,
You need the specific PVR version of the skin you can't just use the one from addons as its not compatible The good news for you is I already have it packed up on my source site https://code.google.com/p/jezzxbmc/downloads/list and you just need to extract it to your addons dir
Thank you Jezz, that works! I was not aware that within the pvr-testing the pvr skin was not included Smile

Now I only need to figure out why no channels are shown, but that's related to the tv headend plugin I guess.

Kind regards,
Well confluence s included in the PVR testing branch and yes no channels is the tvheadend addon problem if you want tvheadend to work I suggest you go back to a version before the trunk merges
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