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Can a submenu be opened using <onclick> from a button

Is it possible to be able to configure a button (home menu button) to open up a submenu?

-a custom home menu button is created
-a custom submenu is created for custom button
-instead of highlighting button --> pressing right to make submenu appear, click on button to make submenu appear.

Normally to activate the submenu, you need to move right on the custom button.

Is it possible to be able to activate the submenu by selecting the custom button instead? Can a submenu be referenced/opened by an <onclick>ActivateWindow(submenu)</onclick> function?

I've been attempting to do this for the last few days with no success. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is not possible with the submenu, as it seems to function much differently to a normal window.

Either the 'ActivateWindow' command does not apply to submenus, or i am not correctly referencing the submenu ids. To date i've been trying the submenu id (9000) and various id's of the submenu controls themselves.

Can someone let me know whether this is possible in skinning, or am i attempting to do the impossible?

Can a submenu be opened using <onclick> from a button00