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Tiger blue 1.22 skin trial

uploaded a fixed version for those that dont want to change xboxmediacenter.xml to run mame etc and want files and weather on front. should work with standard cvs now

please comment on changes or anything like that if anywants to help or test skins pm me i wish it to get better im only learning


cheers to chokemaniac for pm files to help set general layouts his hard work makes it possible with half the work.
please dlownload jmarshal and try deleting some of the buttons using context menu. you should see a bug on reboot. ill install latestest cvs tonight and post other xmls as id like to modify a few things but it glitchs Sad .


sorry this is fixed on 20dec build Smile great ill try in the other modes and send xmls if any tommorrow night

i tried using the skin but some things were glitching:

when you for instance, go down in the main menu, some images are missing (maybe all the images aren't in the skin pack?)

viewing the subpanel, few places were not evenly spaced (but that can be easily fixed via dialogsubmenu.xml)

there's an icon in the upper right corner. it looks like it's a television but really can't tell

other than that, i'm liking the progression of it. using my favorite color (blue), to match my blue themed xbox, the icons instead of text used & the font i really like Smile

hope to see the final version (1.22 that is) of it :kickass:
icon in top right is a bug upgrade to latest cvs and it will go (if buttons on front didnt exactly match xboxmediacenter.xml the buttons would apear everywhere) , graphics are missing cause weather and files in submenu and havent incuded graphics will add them tonight so people can see with standard xboxmediacenter.xml.
spacing i did on purpose cause there is 3 different areas i wanted but can change to any submenu.xml

if you use the xboxmediacenter.xml buttons it will work perfect i guess tonight ill add weather files any thing else normal xml has in it ( can you name buttons missing that glitch apart from files and weather )

*****note to jmarshal loaded 20dec cvs and tested about 5 things that used to bug and they all work now Smile
got a few in non scroll mode ill check, but in scroller it seems to work perfect now
cheers again your tops

ok bugs in non scroller mode.
if you use the xboxmediacenter.xml provided with skin and put this into the home.xml

       <description>home buttons</description>

the buttons behave wierd when you hit top or bottom. i can sort that but it should work this way. now go into settings 2nd from bottom and back out to home page and you will see its all screwed up till you scroll it to the correct poistion
am on holiday now, but will look into it when i get back in the new year. have a good christmas Smile
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merry xmas

redownload updated file to include my files and my weather.
update for you guys to work as per normal or for advanced users game them the lines to add

this will work with normal xboxmediacenter.xml
**use build 20dec 04 or higher only or else it will bug****

xtra buttons that can be added to xboxmediacenter.xml that the graphics are setup for change the locations to point to emulators default.xbe

<description>street fighter</description>
<label>street fighter</label>
<execute>e:\emulators\street fighter 3\default.xbe</execute>
<description>arcade fighters</description>
<label>arcade fighters</label>
<execute>e:\emulators\arcade fighters\default.xbe</execute>
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