should 'back' go back to the home screen?
on most (if not, all) skins, when you access movies or tv shows library directly from the home screen, pressing back goes back to the home screen, however in ellipsis back goes up to the parent directory.

is there a specific reason for this, or something that has been overlooked?

consider this a feature request otherwise Smile

I should also add, I really love the look of this skin, and how its not overloaded with options. the stuff thats in there just works and it looks great.
in ALL skins "back" goes back to the parent directory. once in the root of the media section, "back" will then return you to the main menu.

there is an advancedsettings.xml adjustment you can make called "rootovershoot" which you can set to false, which will remove the final back returning you to the main menu. (so you can bash away at the back button, knowing you will never overshoot the root folder of the media section).
thats simply not true.

in confluence (the default skin) I have movies and tv shows on my home menu. If I go into movies, then press back it returns to the home menu. in Ellipsis, it does not. same goes for tv shows.

if I go into 'videos' from the home menu however, it treats back like 'go up to parent'.

I think it has something to do with library mode.
It's decided by the main menu's .xml. For instance, if you have the movies button activated like this, it will return to the home menu on back.


And if you remove ',return' it will act like Ellipsis does. Try editing Ellipsis' IncludeMenu.xml. You can also assign PreviousMenu (I think) to a button and use that to exit to the main menu. I hope that was clear enough. Confused
Thanks man, you're a legend Wink
amazing. thanks for the 'how-to', exactly what I wanted to accomplish too!
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should 'back' go back to the home screen?1
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