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beta 4 refuses to update lib
First of all let me thank you for an amazing product.

I am having a problem using the beta 4 on ubuntu 10.10, well actually two problems, so here I go.
1) when ever I press the update library option, I see the scanning for content label, but it never finds any new movies. the movies are there and if i disable the library mode i can see them, but library just doesn't want to find them and update.

2) sometimes when i try to browse my movies xbmc decides to kick me out and put me to login screen. if i complete my login there, i don't have any more problems. but its strange cause some times everything just works, and sometimes it just kicks me out to login.
When i try to scan movies or albums in to the libraryin dharma beta 4 xbmc closes and just gives a segmentation fault, nothing in the logfile about it.

Compiled with spotify implementation.

beta 4 refuses to update lib00