PM3 HD menu while playing
I use the PM3 HD skin with WinXp SP3, XBMC RC2.
Only one thing bothers me:
While playing a movie I press the "menu" Button on my Remote and the menu opens (pic and sound/Subtitel options etc).
There I pick for example the sound options to change the language of my movie (1)... BUT the new window with the details options has no focus or no menu-item is selected.
I can't select anything with my Remote (or the keyboard)... when conneted I can use a mouse to simply mouse over a menu-item and then the remote can toggle trough the items...
yeah thats a bug sorry that cropped up after they changed stuff in xbmc you need to open up VideoOSDSettings and make this change

ie set <defaultcontrol> to 5
I really should package up another version with a few more little fixes and put it on the repo
Thank you...
That works fine...
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PM3 HD menu while playing00