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"Add Source" Missing in context menu
I have added a source to videos. The movies show from this source have been scraped and show up in "Movies", Supercool!

Now I go back into "Videos" section, get to the root and hit c to pull up the context menu and no longer have Add Source in the menu.

I can not find a setting that brings it back. What have I done?

OSX 10.5.8
XBMC 10.0
Here is a image of the context menu when in Videos.


After adding my first source and scraping the "Add Source" option is no longer available.
i don't think you will ever had seen an add source option here?

if you want to add another source go to videos>files

you can either add source if you have the option checked in system>settings>appearance>file lists>Show "Add Source" buttons...

Or just bring up the context menu when in videos>files by pressing c or using mouse/remote
So Dumb! OK, I was unaware of the "Library Mode" select in the slide out screen to the left. Unticked that and dude we are rolling.

Thanks much for the videos>files ref, too simple.

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