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Rapier - Dharma Patch
I love this skin, and decided I can't run Dharma without it.

Copy the following into a blank txt file and call it addon.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
provider-name="Developed by Scarfa.">
        <import addon="xbmc.gui" version="2.11"/>
    <extension point=""
defaultresolution="720p" defaultresolutionwide="720p"
defaultthemename="textures.xbt" effectslowdown="0.75"
    <extension point="xbmc.addon.metadata">
        <minversion app="xbmc">28000</minversion>
        <summary>Rapier skin by Scarfa</summary>
        <description>Rapier skin for XBMC Dharma</description>
        <disclaimer>Should work without issue.</disclaimer>

Download Rapier 3.06 package, replace skin.xml with addon.xml, and load entire contents to the following directory on appletv:

/Users/frontrow/Library/Application Support/XBMC/addons/skin.rapier/

*Note: skin.rapier directory does not exist until manually created
I agree with you. Love the Rapier skin also.
you should check out
[MOD] DHARMA Rapier [MikotoBuild]
Not working good.
No Addons in Settings tab, no Homewindows option in skin settings... too bad :/

[email protected]
I migrated the 3.0.6 Rapier version to an addon to work with the dharma release.

like @skullmonkey said, there is no Addon Browser, neither a link to it. If someone wants to revive this great theme to its well earned fame, (s)he can fork me at

I am not very familiar with XBMC skin creation, there are some issues left. Please help if you can.

(cross posted to deviantart page)
Addons are left out - I just did a quick dirty hack to get the skin working. When I have some time I'll push out an update - unless anyone wants to beat me to it!
GREAT! I was just about to cry when I notices that Rapier3 does not fit to Windows Xbmc!!
Ok. Now I got the HW.. I installed Dharma on Win7 x64.
- I downloaded the addon from Under Settings, appeareance, skin, load was Rapier. Xbmc loaded (v3.11 if I can recall it correctly) the skin automatically and swithced into it!

Looks as great as in Xbox version!

* There are small UI tweaks that needs to be done.. running 1920x1080 mode.
- Playing DVD video, rightUp corner OSD are the end time and chapeters etc.. I suppose chapers section is wayyy off screen and all I can see is some letters...

btw.. Confluence skin does have DxVA2 enable under video settings, Rapier not.. This needs to be fixed?

Rapier - Dharma Patch00