Lirc! Remote acts like a mouse I want keystrokes
Linux Mint Julia 10 (Ubuntu 10)

Hello I have a Imon PAD remote that I like to use for my HTPC.
As we know lirc have messed up the Imon driver a solution were made by lyka at XBMC forum

It almost works but the direction buttons acts like a mouse I dont want that I need up/down/left/right key strokes for it to work properly in XBCM.

I have read that it should simulate keys on default but I haven't change anything else. There is something that I could change in X11 (nvidia gt210) but I have messed up that file one time to many so I dare not to touch it and try something like this.

Is there some answers out there
the imon remote has a dedicated button which switches the mode from mouse to arrow key presses. At least it does in my setup.
it's the button directly north of the directional knob.
Yeah I remember that now. problem that I have is I use a harmony remote Sad isn't there a way to say to lirc trow away mouse option like you did in ubuntu 9.10 edition ??


options lirc_imon debug=1 [size=large]nomouse=1[/size] display_type=1 pad_thresh=5
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Lirc! Remote acts like a mouse I want keystrokes00