[RELEASE] TV Scheduler PRO XBMC Frontend (Script)
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For those using the free version of TV Scheduler PRO on a Windows backend and looking for XBMC PVR front end support...

Ive modded the old Python "Webscheduler 0.76" XBMC script to support some basic PVR functionality from XBMC WINDOWS (including show EPG, Add Schedule, Delete Schedule).

Would also work on XBMC LIVE with a little tinkering.

Download from:

got any screenshots of the XBMC side ? I used to use Webscheduler back in the day until I upgraded to windows 7 then it would never work proper also it was only ever for recording not live viewing so I changed to the linux TVheadend which was pretty much the same concept but did streaming and epg data from the streams themselves
When i upgraded to Win7 64bit recently the old Webscheduler V4 (Free) service had trouble finding my BDA compliant tuner card and then was buggy when I got it found. So upgraded to TV Scheduler PRO (Free version) and the backend side seems to run fine now. Previously with Webscheduler V4 I did get livetv streaming working to my XBOX but never got Timeshifting to work. I've dumped livetv streaming in this script as its just plain easier to use my actual TV to watch live.

I'm now in the process of updating the script using WINDOWSXML so its more in keeping with XBMC displaying. Im nearly finished and screenshots are located at...

nice work:-)

does this plugin/addon support live tv playback as well?

Doesn't support live-tv. Could probably get it working as I had it running on my XBOX using Webscheduler ...I'd need to look at the TV Scheduler PRO JAVA code. Im not that great at programming and so dont want to spend the time to work it out.

I'll shortly provide a link to the new (WINDOWSXML) script when its finished.

BTW; if anyone knows other PVR solutions with WIN7 backend then Id been keen to try.
Updated Script (Rev 2) is available at:


Required TSPRO network variables (URL and PORT) are defined at beginning of GUI.py.
Can this be made to work with the current version of XBMC?
See link below for script that is working on latest version of XBMCLIVE. i can confirm it works as im currently running it. you need to mod two early lines in GUI.py to reflect the IP/PORT address of your tvscheduler pro backend.

install the script using settings, addons, install from zip

I would love to use it , but simply cant get it to work ! I'm using TV Scheduler PRO (rev 184)
and the latest xbmc

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[RELEASE] TV Scheduler PRO XBMC Frontend (Script)0
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