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[WINDOWS]"XBMC has stopped working"
Hi! I'm getting random crashes on library updates in Dharma on win7u x64. I get the usual message that "XBMC has stopped working".

Sometimes it completes, sometimes it doesn't(i'd say about 30% chance it completes)
It's always when it's scanning TV shows, so it might be something with the tvdb scraper. Unfortunately it's the only english TV scraper in the repo so i can't confirm that.

oh, and when it does complete, it seems to take ages compared to my other computers. this might be hardware related though so i'll just leave it at that.

Windows 7 ultimate x64
AMD Turion X2 RM-70 2.0GHz
ATI mobility HD3650

and here's my debug log.
It crashed just seconds after startup(library scan on startup enabled), when scanning TV shows.
I'm thankful for any help! Smile

edit: and here's the output from the "stopped working" box (sorry it's in swedish :p )
  Problemhändelsens namn:    BEX
  Programnamn:    XBMC.exe
  Programtidsstämpel:    4d0ba15b
  Namn på felmodul:    XBMC.exe
  Modulens version:
  Tidsstämpel för felmodul:    4d0ba15b
  Undantagsförskjutning:    003eb0cf
  Undantagskod:    c0000409
  Undantagsdata:    00000000
  OS-version:    6.1.7600.
  Språkvariant-ID:    1053
  Ytterligare information 1:    1bad
  Ytterligare information 2:    1badfcba6b768a8181235fe46d150914
  Ytterligare information 3:    c602
  Ytterligare information 4:    c6028ae517fc72b8c3c4b231c1862b44

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[WINDOWS]"XBMC has stopped working"00