[AppleTV2] Apple Logo Crash?
Ive been using ATV2 XBMC all this morning on my PC connected television to get everything set up and work out all kinks. Then i finally feel alrite enough to unplug it and move it to my Television in the living room. But as soon as i plug it in the only thing that happens is the APPLE logo comes on indefinitely and the white light on the ATV box keeps flashingHuh Tried unpluggin and repluggingHuh to no avail.
Same issue. After the first reboot, nothing. Freezes on the Apple logo with the light blinking. Used SeasonPass for the jailbreak.
guyz you need to use SeasonPass for tethered boot!

EACH time you unplug the POWER u need to use tethered procedure inside SeasonPass to start up the ATV2!

at leat until we get an untethered available to us...
Just realized that. Feel like an idiot...Smile
seriously? lol wish i realized that sooner. I just restored and jailbroke my ATV like 5 times. Thanks for the heads up i feel stupid now
glad I could help Big Grin
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[AppleTV2] Apple Logo Crash?00