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Cheap and little 1080P box
I have a NAS that streams my blu-ray mkv backups. I want to build a box that has HDMI out for audio and video. I need it to be able to play back 1080P and would like to possibly be able to watch Hulu and some other flash or silverlight high def content. I also need to make sure the playback of the MKV files doesnt require too much that they were encoded correctly because I didn't know about the different L4 and L5 and I needed that to get hardware acceleration to work. I would like it to be as small as possible and as silent as possible. I also want to run XBMC full version along with full version of AEON skin as well. Thanks so much everyone and have a great day...

ps. the cheaper the better thanks.
i dont think i can suggest something lower than ~$375 USD...

Still good?
eskro - why u cant suggest this build - [Mini-ITX] Atom 330 2x1.6Ghz + ION1 (BareBone) $186 -?
im afraid you'll run into problems when viewing High Def SilverLight stuff....
And advanced skins like AEON.
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AEON as i know it would be too heavy....

thats why i cant suggest something lower than ~$375 USD... (included RAM & SSD)
eskro could you please make a suggestion ? i am interested too.

acesup_11 sorry for using your thread, i think we are in the same page.
Like i said,
i could be wrong but,
if the plan is to watch SilverLight HD stuff,
im afraid the ION motherboards aren't powerful enough...
till someone proves me wrong, i would suggest one of these 2 build,

please note that these are BareBone builds...
Meaning, RAM and Hard Drives aren't included...
Those are left-out purposely so you can choose them yourself according to your needs!

[Micro-ATX] Celeron 2x2.6Ghz + GT210 ($241)
[Micro-ATX] Athlon 2x3.0Ghz + GT210 ($254)

So feel free to swap any parts at any given time because in the end,
everybody has different tastes right!?
What is difference in this case between Celeron and Athlon ? which on is better ?
I personally prefer AMD Athlon over the Celeron. If I went with Intel I would, without a doubt, purchase the Core i3 530. It has a great heat profile and solid performance.
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[GPU] ZOTAC GT210 512MB DDR3 64-bit Fanless Low Profile ($35 + $0)
[case] SILVERSTONE ML03B μATX ($60 + $0)
[PSU] SeaSonic SS-400ET 80+ Bronze 400W ATX12V ($43 + $9)
TOTAL: ($352)

** i3-2105 CPU should be used with DDR3-1066MHz or DDR3-1333MHz memory sticks only **
Zotac Zbox HD-ID11 Intel Atom 510 Hyperthreading NVIDIA ION2 HDMI DVI LAN eSATA WLAN Barebone NetTop for 201.78 $ (After mail in rebate)

Who is cheaper?
4public, he wants to to watch Hulu and some silverlight high def content!!
the Anemic ATOM cpu's cant cope with that...
and also the AEON skin is a heavy duty skin,,,
eskro Wrote:4public, he wants to to watch Hulu and some silverlight high def content!!
the Anemic ATOM cpu's cant cope with that...
and also the AEON skin is a heavy duty skin,,,

Thanks so much I appreciate the help. I would like to be around $350 for all the parts definitely under $400 I love the form factor of mini- itx/atx but is there any benefit to going with micro itx/atx ? So I hope that is more information that can help with the suggestions. I have to admit another $20-30 wouldn't kill me if its really worth the upgrade.
at equal price of a Micro-ATX build, the mini-ITX build will be less powerful...
thats what you have to kinda 'sacrifice' by going with a small form factor box...

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