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Movie Information Not Populating From Local Files
Hello all, as usual thanks to the devs for all of the hard work. XBMC rocks and the ATV2 is great because of it's size. I have 2 running in the house now with virtually no hangups, other than the music library issue. I can't wait until my library actually populates and I can utilize music properly.

To the issue, I have a good amount of movies. All of them have been scraped using a third party tool, and thus have 3 sidecard files that house the coverart, movie info and fan art. For example:


I spent a lot of time getting things right and the full collection is now properly tagged. It is my understanding that xbmc should recognize these files upon scanning of a new source, or the update of a library item that is not currently in the db and use this local information instead of hitting the net to pull down the info. Unfortunately this is not the case. On both of my devices, xbmc sees the local files, decides not to scrape, and does not import any of this local data. So I end up with nothing. I can go to each one of the movies through the interface, refresh, use local data, then get thumb, and all will look good (using all local data), but it should be automatic. Is there a setting I am missing? A bug perhaps?
I haven't tried the bit where you manually update each to get the thumb. I can confirm that after multiple failed attempts to get XMBC to automatically scrape my TV Shows (Movies worked fine), i went the similar route of using 3rd party software to manually scrape and prep my files in hopes that it would pull the local info.

My TV Shows still don't scrape anything (issue in itself), but I noticed that the Movies folder still connects to IMDB and scrapes from the net and ignores the local files..same as you. Sad
Have you set contents?
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I just upgraded to Dharma this past weekend and ran into the same thing. Before upgrading I used the video and music settings screens to export my libraries, first as separate files, and then again as single files. I was using one of the old dsplayer builds from about a year ago, so I decided to do a full xbmc uninstall so Dharma was a fresh, new install. After upgrading, I went into settings and imported the libraries from single files, but had mixed results...

1) Music library appeared as if nothing got imported, it had to be rescanned completely
2) TV shows seemed to be imported ok (i.e. episode info, fanart and season thumbs)
3) Movies only got partially imported, the plots and fanart were ok, but the thumbs all ended up being random movie frames

To get my movie thumbs back, I first went into each movie's information and selected the local thumb (i.e. good thing I did that pre-upgrade export to individual files!). About half the time xbmc would pull down all thumbs from the web which slowed things to a crawl, and the other half of them just showed my local thumb file and went quick. About 100 movies into a 500 movie library, I discovered that if you just play each movie for a couple of seconds and then stop it, the local thumb would appear. That made the remaining 400 go alot faster. From searching the forum, I read something about this being a known problem that a nightly build released since the official 10.0 fixes this problem, but nobody seems to know where that build is located.

Movie Information Not Populating From Local Files00