Screen Switching
Hi all
I was wondering if it is possible to switch between screens without having to press OK
Here's why i have XBMC on my Pc which also go to my Living room Tv and also connected to my bedroom Tv
When i switch to living room tv its not a problem i can get there in time to click OK.
But when i switch to the bedroom Tv i cant get there in time to press Ok
so it switches back to Pc.

This is why i'm hoping the Ok function can be disabled or changed to Auto accept in an xml.

Windows 7 64Bit

Cheers in Advance
Why do you need to run to the bedroom to click OK? If you're at the PC can't you just press return? The fact you can't see the screen shouldn't make any difference.

Good idea never thought of that
Always looking for the hardest way lol
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