Hardware for 1080p playback
Hi there,
this is my first post so, be patient with me Smile and sorry for my poor english Sad

I have a dedicated machine with XBMC running on a very light ArchLinux (yes i'm a fun of Archlinux Tongue)

The specs of the hardware are:
Processor AMD Sempron 2.1Ghz
2GB ram
Motherboard Asus with a Onboard Nvidia 6150 gaphics

With this hardware simply i can't play any 1080p content so i decided to upgrade my hardware.

The question is:

- With my acutal processor and ram, If i buy a new graphics card from Nvidia can i play smoothly 1080p contents?..in that case, wich model from Nvidia is recommended?

I appreciate any help or advice that you can give me.

Yes all you need is GT210 or 430 if you want to handle 3d content, total cost should be under 100$. Since gt210 is pcie you might need to upgrade your mobo.
Thanks lithiumc, i'll check my mobo for pcie slots but i think that has one slot of each types. Wink
Sorry that im get back on this, but i've reading the forum searching for similar setups of mine and i get doubts again. Sad
If i get a GT210 o GT220, will my poor AMD sempron 2.1 single core be enough to play 1080p movies?..
All the work is done by the graphics card when VPADU is enabledHuh

Sorry for my ignorance but i need to be sure of all this before buy anythig..

Thanks for the help Smile
Yes because it will be using vdpau. Which means the video will be played back using the hardware acceleration of the video card. If you have pcie, which I am not sure your mobo does.
I have an athlon 1.6GHz with an nvidia 8400GS PCI (not PCIe) card (http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=BFGR84512GSP, unfortunately sold out).

It handles 1080p video playback just fine. I've had some odd issues here and there but i don't believe they were decoding speed related. Mostly though, it works fine.
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