How do I edit the Textures.xbt

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Question  How do I edit the Textures.xbt
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Hi, I like to make a new skin based on PMIII. I am looking at the "Textures.xbt" file. I like to add some more graphics in it. But, after I have downloaded the TexturePacker, the application cannot open the "Textures.xbt" file.

In fact, TexturePacker fails to open any "Textures.xbt" file associated with any skins, period. Is there another application for edit the Textures.xbt file.

I am on a Mac.

Thank you very much,
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ronie Offline
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nope, you can't extract Textures.xbt. not with any tool afaik.

as for PMIII, so should be able to obtain the texture sources here:

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Unless you mean PM3.HD thats in the repo in which case you can find it here
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