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Signup for Audio-Matic Alpha Testing (now till 5/1/11)
Even though I posted this in the [WIP] Audio-Matic thread, I thought it would be a good idea to make a separate thread for this.

To participate in the first alpha release, please visit and create an account. You will be notified via email when the first release is made available.

Registrations will close on 5/1/2011 shortly before the alpha release and no new users will be allowed to register until a newer version is ready for testing.

Please note that this will be an early "testing only" release with limited functionality. Please do not expect this to be anywhere near finalized. Expect there to be bugs and you will be asked to use this program at your own risk.

If you have any questions concerning alpha testing or signups, please post them here and not in the [WIP] thread. Thanks
Well... In the first 24 hours or so, so far 59 people created an account. Not bad. I'm glad so many seem to be interested in testing this out.
Hmm..... for some reason I can't seem to create an account in either firefox or chrome. Infact, firefox wont even let me enter a username?
Same issue here, I cant enter a username. I am using IE 8.
Would really like to particpate in the testing.
Yeah, also having problems.

Firefox 4 - won't allow user name to be typed
Safari - allows all fields to be completed, but pressing 'Register' doesn't do anything.
Hmm... that's strange. I will look into that right away.
Sorry about that... typo in my website code. Should be back up now. If not, please let me know. Thanks.
Account made and validated using Safari/, cheers Smile
ok. good to hear it's working again.

Up to 91 accounts created now by the way.
<<<Signed up...super excited to test.
Hitting the create button doesn't seem to register anything.
evlcookie Wrote:Hitting the create button doesn't seem to register anything.

Same here. Tried firefox, IE and two computers....
signed up, received confirmation email, activation link clicked, and page said succesful, but when i try to log in it says "Authentication Failed! Please try again."

username: layziefj
I click the register button and nothing happens. Tried all browsers.
Same here, can't click register! Used safari and chrome on Mac. Just tried in Windows and also no go.

Signup for Audio-Matic Alpha Testing (now till 5/1/11)00