Favourite home menu shortcuts missing view options [Solved]

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Psychobob Offline
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Fantastic skin, really like the design of it. I'm running this on my RPi media center and it's working really well after a few tweaks, not to mention looks beautiful.

Love this skin, but have problems with one bit.

I have a home movies folder that I want separated out from the normal movies and I want to add this to the main menu in order to make it easier to navigate to.

So to do this, I've got the movies separated out into separate folders on my NAS drive and I've added the home movies folder to the XBMC library as a separate folder. I then make this a favourite and then add this to the main home menu via the skin settings > custom home button option. However when I access home movies from the main menu, the "view options" is limiting me to only use just "list" or "thumbnail" type views and I wanted to use the "VideoWall fanart" type view to make it more standardised with my other areas.

If I go to "files>Home movies" or go to the "favourites" option at the top on the main menu and then to "home movies", I can then see and access the "VideoWall fanart" option along with the other half dozen other view types, just not if I use the specific custom option on the main menu.

Is there any skin settings I can change to allow me to to use "VideoWall fanart" on the main menu custom option or have I gone about this wrong? I have no problem changing the skin xml files if that's a way to do this, I just need a bit of help steering me in the right direction as I've never added any new options to the main menu via xml before, just made layout tweaks and changes.

I normally use Aeon Nox and smart playlists to achieve this, but couldn't see how to add smart playlists to the home menu on Bello, just favourites. I'd love to transition to this skin as my main one and this is pretty much the only thing as a minor annoyance (for me that is, maybe not for everyone else Big Grin). Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Figured it out after sitting down for 20 mins. In case anyone else wants to do something like this (and also for posterity in case I forget this), the change below gets me what I want.

Change ViewVideos.xml line 3332 from

Quote:<visible>[Container.Content(movies) | Container.Content(tvshows)] + ![SubString(Container.Folderpath,plugin://) | IsEmpty(Container.Folderpath)]</visible>

Quote:<visible>[Container.Content(movies) | Container.Content(tvshows)] + ![SubString(Container.Folderpath,plugin://) | IsEmpty(Container.Folderpath)] | ![Window.IsVisible(VideoPlaylist)]</visible>

Of course, take this with a pinch of salt as I've only done some on the surface type testing. Hasn't caused any detrimental effect yet, but doesn't mean there is one. Hope this helps you if you want something similar.

If you want to enable any of the other view types enabled in the favorite shortcut on the home menu, this xml file looks like it's the one that controls their visibility. Going to make Bello my main skin now Big Grin
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edgy Offline
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I have same problem - could you tell me where the ViewVideos.xml file is located (path)?

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You don't need to hack around the xml files for this.
Just create a Smart Playlist with path contents rule to your folder and you will have all the views available.

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