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Full Version: [RELEASE] Xperience More v2.0.3 (Available through the official repo)
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The "Weather Fanart Pack 720p" link on the first page no longer works. Is there an alternative?
Link fixed.

(2012-06-08, 22:48)nessus Wrote: [ -> ]Link fixed.


Thanks a million! Smile

I really like how weather is displayed on your skin.
Dear friend

I use and try to improve my Xperience:
[url] http://dk1.ti1ca.com/get/[/url]

I would like to integrate behind fan art backdrop pop up, when I highlight my games they will show in the back but I don't know how to?

Could you indicate me which the .xml file in 720 folder must change, and How to do?

My goal is something like this, fanart appear when a game in the screen:

in my example this is transaprancy skin: the log for fan art:

One other question, my expereince have problem with the root directory, doesn't work
Thank you
First of all, judging from the first screen the version that you are using is not Xperience More. Probably is the old one by Team Blackbolt.

Second, if you want a custom background only for games this is not supported by Xperience More yet. I can a take look and tell you what to do
only if we are talking about Xperience More not the old version of Xperience.

Thanks dear

I use this version because with your help I obtained a good result, but work on your version it's intersting but get some of problem:

-for my fanart games I would like the same result like you for music, movies, TV show.... I see it in screenshoot it's very nice, when I highlight my games they will show in the back exactly in this screenshot https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=3E8FA7578...sc=photos[

I think ythe most simply it's doing like transparancy skin: called one picture fanart.jpg in the gamas folder, and XBMC serach it to show the picture in the back.
for example F/GAMES/HALO/fanart.jpg
-in your Xperience I can't use the poster for my game jacket like in my old version:http://ti1ca.com/r4d2j0hs-screenshot000-...0.bmp.html and in yours
Especially, I can do appears the options in left down corner of the screen with my controller.

A very good news with your skin, the root directory work fine.




... is not Xperience More.

In Xperience More, games views (PosterView, SlideView, FullWall etc) are supported only with Advanced Launcher addon.

Unappropriate question, I remove myself.
Dear friend

For my work on Xbox I need uncompressed Textures.xbt files please, or a programm to decompress it.

Thank you

NB: I found on the first page sorry for my mistake
My XBMC is crashing in the first seconds of every movie. Anyone has noticed something similar?

I´m used to use Aeon MQ2 skin and now change to Xperience More. It´s been a couple weeks already.
Since them I see this strange behavior.
When I open XBMC for the second time it works like a charm. It´s a weird situation but not so bad to the point for me to change skin.
Pretty good job from the developer. Congratulations.

P.S if you want someone to translate to Portuguese I can help.

Dear friend

this is experence more after installation in my Xbox:


You can see some of problem I need to fix: for exemple background or stage doesn't appear, or sub folder when I browse a new path for anything.
Xbox controller is not entirely support like when I want to use up and down to go shortcut, or option
More, XBMC ramdom crash occur often.

My objective it's to fix this bug and use Advanced Launcher for fan art game.

For the crash I think it's a problem with 64 ram of Xbox (pointor?)

Please could you help me, give me some indication like the 720p xml folder concern.

Thank you
I have no clue for the crashes but i suspect is not skin related. Can you post a debug log ?
As for the Portuguese translate that would be great. Here is the English strings xml.

Sorry i cant help you with XBOX. The skin is made for XBMC Eden and above, but with the problems that is see in the screens i will suggest you to delete all the XBMC installation and user files start from the scratch.

Maybe you can find some help here: http://www.xbmc4xbox.org/


NB xbmc4xbox doesn't work since three week

Just a quick thank you for your very nice work !

Hi, movie info seem to be missing for the panel view


I've already upgraded to the latest version and even reset the skin, but the same issue still persist.
Any ideas on how I can fix this?

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